Wednesday 10 April 2019

the little people: ourselves alone

House of Lords and The Queen Rubber Stamp Law Stopping No Deal Brexit.

For those of you at home still keeping score this means that the last constitutional protection that a free British national theoretically had against an out of control ruling class (the Remainer Commons and a House of Lords which consists of Tony’s cronies and a generation of Life Peers recruited straight from our incompetent technocratic ruling class and the permanent state) has failed. In theory the Monarch, sovereign in Parliament, could have refused the Assent to this bill which makes it illegal for Britain to leave the EU as we voted by a substantial majority in 2016 to do.
The parliament that offered us the chance to vote in the referendum, which then stood and was re-elected mostly on manifestos promising to honour our decision to leave has now passed a law sponsored by an MP who said she would never block Brexit that says that it’s now illegal for the UK in fact to leave. We’d need a whole new Act of Parliament to replace that law: an act no imaginable Houses of Commons and Lords would ever pass. When the ultimate constitutional backstop (refusing Assent) that was intended to protect the little people against an over-mighty ruling class could have been used and perhaps followed by a prorogation of Parliament until after Easter that would have allowed the clock to run out and helped us leave without further legislation, Elizabeth Windsor folded like a cheap suit. 
Leviathan shrugged.
15 minutes is just 1/20th of the time it took to arrest Tommy Robinson, charge and try him without his own choice of legal representation, and to convict and imprison him at the other end of the country far from his home and family for a non-crime that involved no violence, no property damage and no public disclosure of any part of an ongoing trial.
And baby Alfie Evans is still dead for his own good at the insistence of the medical branch of the same ruling class.
I’ll say this for them: for all of their out of touchness with the common people, for all their tin ears about what we care about and unconcern for our welfare and wishes, if our incompetent new politically correct ruling class wants you crushed, you’ll be crushed pretty damn quick.
So how can we ever hope to be governed as we wish to be? Our rulers have used everything they have, inside and outside the Constitution to prevent that.
We’re on our own.    

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Sunday 24 March 2019

Have a banana

As it is only in banana republics and outright tyrannies where the ruling class ignores the results of elections, perhaps in this dying week of British democracy readers would like to greet their Remainiac correspondents with that most iconic of European images: the banana, with suitable wording.

Perhaps we can meme the dishonourable bastards* into shame, unlikely as it may seem.

'll start it off if you like.

“I pledge allegiance to the Banana of Britain and to the Republic for which it stands, four nations under Germany, invisible, with serfdom and injustice for all.”

Pass it on.

* I'm not referring to the honest defeated who must be horrified at their campaign leadership's openly fascist campaign to flush away what's left of our democracy. You have to pity those good people. Banana bomb combatants only, please.

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Friday 15 March 2019

The NZ massacre: an appeal for calm and moderation.

In light of the unconscionable and apparently anti-Muslim attacks in New Zealand that may have been inspired by anti-Islamic sentiment and which all decent folk everywhere will condemn without demur or qualification (as do I ), now might be an appropriate time to point out that not all anti-Islamism activists and commentators are inspired to or approve of illegal violence. 

As our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the bereaved, it is important that just condemnation of these criminals should not be used as an excuse for counter-attacks and blaming the innocent.

Indeed, the overwhelming majority of Islam sceptics are simply decent, law abiding people who wish to go about their lives at peace with their neighbours while reserving to their consciences the basic human right of expressing condemnation of the 34,720 documented deadly Islamic terrorattacks since 9/11, 7/7, the horrors of Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Telford and the rest of such events and who harbour – for whatever reasons - deeply held convictions critical of the motivations behind the Ariana Grande concert massacre and the ISIS-led attempted genocide against (amongst others) the Yazidi people.

Please try not to make this sad situation worse by blaming, quite without evidence, any or all of Islam’s present day critics and detractors for fear your intemperate words might inspire violence or legal persecution against this much-maligned and diverse group of individuals: no matter how much you might personally disagree with their opinions and obsessions.

Thank you.

Friday 7 December 2018

Deal or No Deal

How bad can it get? 
Pretty bad, I fear.

In a week’s time the Commons will have voted on May’s Brexit ‘deal’ and either way it isn’t going to be good news for the good life and a peaceful existence for our children and theirs in England and associated territories.

On a bright note, the deal might be voted down in which case…What?
Will a revitalized Commons majority for Leave (and at best it will be a reluctant ‘we promised them Brexit so we’d better give them Brexit rather than this self-immolation shitstorm’) then force through the plan that the official Leavers have been waving and pointing at since they set out their 10-point Manifesto For Brexit? 
You remember: the detailed and well-argued plan that has haunted Theresa May every step of the way when she was concocting her nation-betraying ‘deal’ so Leavers of all stripes were able to show that hers was a disaster compared to the simple effectiveness of the Manifesto Leave Plan?
Wasn’t it 10 points? Or was it a series of lettered bullet points: B is for brief; R is for regulated; E is for effective?...

Oh, wait. There is no such plan, is there?

To be fair, the Referendum Party and Ukip and the Tory Leavers and the Labour Leavers and the DUP only had about 30 years to come up with some famous Little Blue Passport they could mass produce, post online and refer to in a disciplined fashion to assure and reassure the British people in the face of the inevitable Establishment avalanche of opposition and sabotage. That might have helped but… The Commons has been too busy banning zombie knives and Bombing Libya’s northern border so it became contiguous with southern Italy, Spain and Greece with hilarious demographic results to actually have a plan that could slip into a post-May parliamentary schedule. So, er, what parliamentary squabbles and last-minute deal making could generate something that’s better than the No Deal walk away, suck it and see anarchy that is sure to be punished as harshly as possible by a vengeful European Imperium and their freak show satraps in Ireland?

I cannot express how happy I am that my side’s half of the new ruling class has pinned its hopes for national independence on that lovely Disney melody  ‘When You Wish Upon A Star.’

I’m emotionally bang alongside Simon Heffer’s sentiment that he’s rather feed his children boiled grass than stay in the EU but in all this time I’d like to think my side had more to offer me and my daughter and any Remainder’s daughters something a little more positive than a lawn mower and some sporks. Britain used to have a space programme and everything. Only saying. So, um…

On a brighter note, Nigel Farage has resigned from Ukip in protest against Tommy Robinson’s participation in an anti-May deal protest on Sunday the 9th December because, you know; anti-Islam stuff and stuff. And there probably aren’t enough different pro-Brexit groups to go around so another schism should just about fix it. He’s right on message and his timing’s impeccable. Sorted.

On the Dark Side, it gets worse. Always worse.

The rest of the ruling class and their lackeys-commuitaire have no idea that they’re playing with fire.

Case in point. A good pal of mine - we go at it Leave versus Remain on Facebook, but a grand chap otherwise - a couple of fast glasses of red in on Saturday tries to reassure me that he actually hates the EU as currently constituted but fears the Leavers’ plan for implementation (and reasonably so; see above) and wishes to remain and ‘reform the EU from within.’
Quite how an otherwise sentient being can actually believe such a thing possible is beyond me. His ignorance of the motivations for which the EU and its predecessors was created and the reasons for which its structures were established as they are astonishes me. The point is that nations don’t reform the EU: the EU reforms nations such as France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Ireland : most recently by importing new nations to revitalize the old ones, but more generally by re-doing referendums till the locals get it right. Look at all that voting and all that cancelled voting. Democratic as hell, yeah?

But it’s not just the details that scare me that we’re heading back towards Naseby and Marston Moor, but rather the whole mind-set of the ruling class.

Just think of the arrogance, the conscienceless pride of the Remainers and Project Fear as they seek at all times to overturn the successful Leave vote. They are so blind in their sense of entitlement to political power and success, and so lacking in empathy for the Leave majority that most of them seem incapable of ever identifying with our feelings and desires. Coming from the wing of politics that puts feelings above logic and facts in devising policy, this is ironic beyond belief.

Let me boil it down to the nitroglycerine.

If you’re going to say Leavers are stupid, emotional, easily swayed by smooth-talking con-men and that we should not be entitled to decide who shall govern us and under which national and international institutions, then the deal is off.

The common people (and aristocrats and gentry for that matter) put up with a lot for peace. There was a deal.
Our country’s history tends to be one of compromise with movement in the direction of reform following gradual persuasion of the powers that be - with some rioting if change is believed to be too slow - plus a couple of nasty civil wars.

But on most occasions when big changes to the political make-up of the country were allowed, the defeated put up with defeat not just because they lack the power, numbers or will to oppose the new dispensation but because they believed they’d have a chance to adapt or to ameliorate the worst or to delay or just to persuade the ever-wiser franchise to change back. And they could always hope to persuade sufficiently large numbers to give them a bigger slice of the pie later. So it was when various laws tying the common folk to the lord’s lands lapsed or were abolished, or the cities were granted MPs, or when Parliament (mostly) accepted the King was back, having previously insisted he couldn’t lead them to war and higher taxation without consulting them in good faith. After the Great Reform Act or the Suffrage acts and when the defeated conservative classes accepted the reform of the state in the 1945 General Election they did not fight or sabotage the everyday peace of the country in revenge. There was a deal implicit or explicit. Some windows have been smashed and one breakaway occurred over the price of tea, but mostly we stick together peacefully thanks to compromise and the promise of hope. The defeated in largish numbers (mostly) choose peace over fighting and the possibility of future concessions or counter-reforms and the victors (again mostly) accepted that the other side’s time may come (so maybe they should exercise a little moderation and humility in victory right now) so when turnabout does arrive they should keep their sword sheathed for peace and to await their go in turn.There was a deal.

But the May deal and the tin-eared Remainders aren’t saying they’ll put up with Brexit and await their turn. Together, they are saying we can’t: just can’t have what we voted for and what’s more we’ll never be allowed to have what we voted for and our constitution will basically be altered via the backstop to prevent any hope of meaningful national independence. Ever. And lots of other, interesting folk will still be allowed to become British and live interestingly among us.

We are women in 1917 and disenfranchised for the same reasons they were. We are emotional, ignorant and prone to persuasion by charming rogues. And all this is told to us by the folk who go from nought to Nazi in three seconds if we mention Rotherham as a place other than as a former mining town famous for its 2007 floods.

Most of the Leave / Project Fear is from the official Left of course and the phony Right. And those folk are used to techniques like point and shriek and wholly sure of their entitlement to whatever they want, in whatever quantities they want and as soon as they want and damn the budget and the economy or the peace of the citizens they govern. That’s how you get large hikes in fuel carbon tax in France out of the blue. They simply can’t imagine that others think differently from them and care very, very strongly about it. We just don’t matter: we can’t matter and so our votes and all that led to them are dispensable.

But they just spent 2 ½ years calling the majority Nazis and idiots and Parliament is likely to tell us we can’t vote on national independence again ever. Their squealing, smarmy lackeys-communautaires can have their fun about the old folks and a few football hooligans being the only objectors and it all calming down and then they can get on with it. The democratic deal’s off for us.

But if they do win and they do tell the 17,410,742 to shove it, you smelly peasants, you can never have your dream? What will that do to the soul of the nation? 
What if we decide the deal’s off for them?
What are peasants in this country notorious for?

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Sunday 24 December 2017

And what have we done?...

Learned the truth, sad to say.

Let’s be immigrants. NoSeriously.

And while the Independent and the Daily Mail battle it out in that latter case of enrichment as to whether the particular hominid that raped a ten-year-old in a swimming pool had his sentence dropped to a measly four years or raised to a horrific seven years in prison (instead of auditing his breathing apparatus with extreme prejudice) , we might ponder as to why our ruling class even allows this thing to happen at all.
I mean, looking at that third link what kind of ruling class mind-set lets a supposedly Christian charity be involved in this? :

‘In January, one month after the attack was reported, the government introduced a controversial cap on refugees to be allowed into the country...It set the bar at 37,500, fewer than half the number who arrived in 2015. It avoids a potential confrontation with the wider EU. Brussels had warned that a limit on numbers of asylum seekers would break the bloc’s rules, as well as pandering to the rise of the far-right. "Breaking EU law openly would have been a huge embarrassment for Austria," said a spokesman for Austria's Catholic Caritas charity, which works with refugees and asylum seekers.'   

We’ve learned that we JustDon’tMatter.

Not that we should be surprised. The same ruling class that already takes or plans to take an artisanal or tailor-made attitude to criminal sentencing is scarcely going to care overmuch about what the initials of EU stand for. 
Everyone's Union? Everywhere Union? 
Still, it’s good to know that Black Lives Matter’s history of peaceful protest and thoughtful rhetoric did not in any way contribute to the Trump-hating humourous asides made by the lightly sentenced torturing unfortunates that were found kind of guilty, yeah? I mean, you can call Trump a white supremacist and a Klansman all day and every day and be in no way responsible for the Trump-related torture of a white person. You just can't.

But complain rudely about Muslim immigration and you can lose it all and fair enough.

What can you expect from rulers determined to elevate democracy above populism? Above populismAbove populism? Above populism?

So what’s the Christmas Eve takeaway from all this?

Your rulers hate you and don’t mind much when you die and they will never apologise when they get you killed.
Your daughters and sons can be raped and be unavenged. You can be murdered and your killers are the real victims and you and your ancestors are to blame and your rulers will import more of the same forever and ever, world without end. You will be colonised from abroad and there is nothing your rulers will do to stop it and they will punish you if you complain or resist. And don’t even think about voting your way out. It’s. Not. Democracy. When. You. Do. It. 

Can you seriously want to conserve all this? Pickle it in aspic? Preserve it in amber?

Time to take the red pill.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2018. (Laughter, off)

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Friday 14 April 2017


Our ruling class hates us and it doesn’t mind much if we die.

That’s the key, so remember it:
Our ruling class hates us and it doesn’t mind much if we die.

Bare days after the Islamic truck murders in Sweden, two of my colleagues were cooing over the placing of a local ‘Syrian’ and his family in secure accommodation locally (paid for by you, dear reader) by a different branch of the Bloated Bureaucracy. They speculated that he would be grateful for the granting of asylum and the security that it brought - to him; not to us, natch.
It would have been rude of me (not to mention career-destroying) to speculate whether the newly secure fellow might one day lose his wife, lose some shitty job (if HMG ever insisted that he work for a living using the valuable transferable economic skills of the illiterate goat herd or unemployed kitchen labourer) and then lose his mind and take the lives of strangers such as us. Much ruder than this.
At work, we’re part of the outer edge of the ruling class: higher than tenured unionized dinner ladies but lower than the head of Social Services who presided over forgotten Baby P’s descent into earthly Hell. But this is how you get from valuing human life to enabling a huge and growing threat to it. And we enable: we’ll be buying the curtains or helping you pay for his TV licence and gas really soon.

So as La Belle France looks about set to knit itself an intellectual scarf at its own self-induced trip to the guillotine, remember the phrase that pays:

Our ruling class hates us and it doesn’t mind much if we die.

From an online chat about the unavenged murder of the Swedish girl Ebba Ackelund

First we get this sanity-side comment: 
Ebba Akerlund's photo won't be pushed in the lugenpresse. She will never be a Kurd on a beach, or a Syrian gassed. She does nit fit the narrative of those who seek to ethnically replace us our homelands, her murder by Muslims she is merely that ethnic replacement in action.”

Then we get the ruling class mathematical proof of its moral superiority:
“It doesn't really matter if she died. Hell, it doesn't matter if 10 or even a 100 Ebba's died. How many migrants did Sweden save from hellish conditions? 100k? 200k?
So you're saying that the life of a 1 little girl is more than that of 200k people? If the death toll was 10k sweden still should take muslim migrants, because all humans are equal and their life has equal value.”

Game over.
Our ruling class hates us and it doesn’t mind much if we die.

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Sunday 25 December 2016

The Year of the Trolls

So a very Merry Christmas to all (both!?) my remaining readers.  I hope that you and yours have a peaceful and loving day and live safely and happily throughout the feast and New Year to come.

And if that is all, be off about it my friends. Wassail!

I for one will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ who came to earth to save us from our own chosen sins and to give us hope and strength and some ideas of how to live as men as God intended rather than as devils as his Enemy so often tempts us to do. And to you who share this belief and that is all (and it’s the biggest ‘all’ imaginable for creatures such as we) then God bless you and keep you and see you in church.

We must live in this world even if some of us are always aiming for the next (and who does that? I mean who can think of Heaven all the time? Who has the time?) And this is a political blog, when I blog at all.

Much of the emotional impact of the Nativity story is aroused imagining such a weak and defenceless creature as a baby, born in an outhouse in a divided and oppressed province of the most efficient and brutal tyranny of the ancient world, bereft of powerful protectors (powerful in the earthy sense) who would go on to teach us how not to be tyrannical in our lives and brutal in our souls and who still somehow won a battle for us even at the moment when Rome’s earthly power was at its most thorough and lethal…

After such a story, it seems foolish not to feel hope for the underdog, the oppressed and despised and the ridiculed. So in addition to the promise of eternal life and the prospect of knowing how and why not to be a plague and a famine to our neighbours, hope’s a pretty good feeling to have.

Nothing’s as precious in this life or the next than the love of Jesus, but if we must live with our neighbours and those who sin against us, then we must attend to the arrangements by which we live those lives.

And in this fallen world of the flesh and humanity and nations, 2016 was a barnstormer, wasn’t it?

In Britain and America this year and most recently in Italy, the despised, derided and persecuted ordinary folk of certain European or European-descended nations stood up against the might of today’s Romes: the centralized states with all their police and surveillance powers; the Academy from Reception class to the Senior Common Rooms; almost all broadcasters and all but a handful on newspapers; the bulk of show business and celebrity culture; the bureaucracies and free enterprise corporations of persuasion; street thug ‘protestors’ and ever-offended and threatening ‘minorities’; the European Union and the American Deep State; the banks and you name it…We stood up to them and won.

That’s hope. The hope exists that amongst other things, bloggers large and small and posters and pundits and tweeters joining their voices in a growing clamour of those who oppose the official lies and seek to speak truth… and can win.

And win we did.

Brexit. Trump. The defeated referendum.

Would any or all of those battles been won by us weak and sinful folk trying to be the good guys if you and your friends and allies had said less, posted or tweeted fewer times for freedom and patriotism and good government in 2016? Either in your despair or in your hope, you all helped make it happen. And some of you said many, many words.

2017 will be the year they try even harder to take it all back: more viciously and ruthlessly than ever, with the German Government and others deciding once more to define what is truth and to enforce it, our war continues.

But in the meantime, amongst other groups, 2016 was The Year of the Troll.

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