Friday, 14 April 2017


Our ruling class hates us and it doesn’t mind much if we die.

That’s the key, so remember it:
Our ruling class hates us and it doesn’t mind much if we die.

Bare days after the Islamic truck murders in Sweden, two of my colleagues were cooing over the placing of a local ‘Syrian’ and his family in secure accommodation locally (paid for by you, dear reader) by a different branch of the Bloated Bureaucracy. They speculated that he would be grateful for the granting of asylum and the security that it brought - to him; not to us, natch.
It would have been rude of me (not to mention career-destroying) to speculate whether the newly secure fellow might one day lose his wife, lose some shitty job (if HMG ever insisted that he work for a living using the valuable transferable economic skills of the illiterate goat herd or unemployed kitchen labourer) and then lose his mind and take the lives of strangers such as us. Much ruder than this.
At work, we’re part of the outer edge of the ruling class: higher than tenured unionized dinner ladies but lower than the head of Social Services who presided over forgotten Baby P’s descent into earthly Hell. But this is how you get from valuing human life to enabling a huge and growing threat to it. And we enable: we’ll be buying the curtains or helping you pay for his TV licence and gas really soon.

So as La Belle France looks about set to knit itself an intellectual scarf at its own self-induced trip to the guillotine, remember the phrase that pays:

Our ruling class hates us and it doesn’t mind much if we die.

From an online chat about the unavenged murder of the Swedish girl Ebba Ackelund

First we get this sanity-side comment: 
Ebba Akerlund's photo won't be pushed in the lugenpresse. She will never be a Kurd on a beach, or a Syrian gassed. She does nit fit the narrative of those who seek to ethnically replace us our homelands, her murder by Muslims she is merely that ethnic replacement in action.”

Then we get the ruling class mathematical proof of its moral superiority:
“It doesn't really matter if she died. Hell, it doesn't matter if 10 or even a 100 Ebba's died. How many migrants did Sweden save from hellish conditions? 100k? 200k?
So you're saying that the life of a 1 little girl is more than that of 200k people? If the death toll was 10k sweden still should take muslim migrants, because all humans are equal and their life has equal value.”

Game over.
Our ruling class hates us and it doesn’t mind much if we die.

Picture from here.


Flaxen Saxon said...

Well said Sir- I like the cut of your jib (?is this a real word). Keep up the narrative. Of course, it will do no good as it really is too late- the indigenous West are royally fucked. And look how quickly it happened? Within a twinkle of my one good eye (the one without the patch) and a twitch of my third nipple, sans rouge. Sorry I'm starting to digress. Anyway, you have the approval of the Flaxen haired one of the pert and perfectly apportioned body- apart from the eye and superfluous nipple (a double redundancy). One the basis of this article, I will return to share my sagacity with verve and aplomb. You have been warned.

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