Sunday, 24 December 2017

And what have we done?...

Learned the truth, sad to say.

Let’s be immigrants. NoSeriously.

And while the Independent and the Daily Mail battle it out in that latter case of enrichment as to whether the particular hominid that raped a ten-year-old in a swimming pool had his sentence dropped to a measly four years or raised to a horrific seven years in prison (instead of auditing his breathing apparatus with extreme prejudice) , we might ponder as to why our ruling class even allows this thing to happen at all.
I mean, looking at that third link what kind of ruling class mind-set lets a supposedly Christian charity be involved in this? :

‘In January, one month after the attack was reported, the government introduced a controversial cap on refugees to be allowed into the country...It set the bar at 37,500, fewer than half the number who arrived in 2015. It avoids a potential confrontation with the wider EU. Brussels had warned that a limit on numbers of asylum seekers would break the bloc’s rules, as well as pandering to the rise of the far-right. "Breaking EU law openly would have been a huge embarrassment for Austria," said a spokesman for Austria's Catholic Caritas charity, which works with refugees and asylum seekers.'   

We’ve learned that we JustDon’tMatter.

Not that we should be surprised. The same ruling class that already takes or plans to take an artisanal or tailor-made attitude to criminal sentencing is scarcely going to care overmuch about what the initials of EU stand for. 
Everyone's Union? Everywhere Union? 
Still, it’s good to know that Black Lives Matter’s history of peaceful protest and thoughtful rhetoric did not in any way contribute to the Trump-hating humourous asides made by the lightly sentenced torturing unfortunates that were found kind of guilty, yeah? I mean, you can call Trump a white supremacist and a Klansman all day and every day and be in no way responsible for the Trump-related torture of a white person. You just can't.

But complain rudely about Muslim immigration and you can lose it all and fair enough.

What can you expect from rulers determined to elevate democracy above populism? Above populismAbove populism? Above populism?

So what’s the Christmas Eve takeaway from all this?

Your rulers hate you and don’t mind much when you die and they will never apologise when they get you killed.
Your daughters and sons can be raped and be unavenged. You can be murdered and your killers are the real victims and you and your ancestors are to blame and your rulers will import more of the same forever and ever, world without end. You will be colonised from abroad and there is nothing your rulers will do to stop it and they will punish you if you complain or resist. And don’t even think about voting your way out. It’s. Not. Democracy. When. You. Do. It. 

Can you seriously want to conserve all this? Pickle it in aspic? Preserve it in amber?

Time to take the red pill.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2018. (Laughter, off)

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JuliaM said...

And the sad thing is, I can't see 2018 improving. Happy New Year, anyway!


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