Wednesday 10 April 2019

the little people: ourselves alone

House of Lords and The Queen Rubber Stamp Law Stopping No Deal Brexit.

For those of you at home still keeping score this means that the last constitutional protection that a free British national theoretically had against an out of control ruling class (the Remainer Commons and a House of Lords which consists of Tony’s cronies and a generation of Life Peers recruited straight from our incompetent technocratic ruling class and the permanent state) has failed. In theory the Monarch, sovereign in Parliament, could have refused the Assent to this bill which makes it illegal for Britain to leave the EU as we voted by a substantial majority in 2016 to do.
The parliament that offered us the chance to vote in the referendum, which then stood and was re-elected mostly on manifestos promising to honour our decision to leave has now passed a law sponsored by an MP who said she would never block Brexit that says that it’s now illegal for the UK in fact to leave. We’d need a whole new Act of Parliament to replace that law: an act no imaginable Houses of Commons and Lords would ever pass. When the ultimate constitutional backstop (refusing Assent) that was intended to protect the little people against an over-mighty ruling class could have been used and perhaps followed by a prorogation of Parliament until after Easter that would have allowed the clock to run out and helped us leave without further legislation, Elizabeth Windsor folded like a cheap suit. 
Leviathan shrugged.
15 minutes is just 1/20th of the time it took to arrest Tommy Robinson, charge and try him without his own choice of legal representation, and to convict and imprison him at the other end of the country far from his home and family for a non-crime that involved no violence, no property damage and no public disclosure of any part of an ongoing trial.
And baby Alfie Evans is still dead for his own good at the insistence of the medical branch of the same ruling class.
I’ll say this for them: for all of their out of touchness with the common people, for all their tin ears about what we care about and unconcern for our welfare and wishes, if our incompetent new politically correct ruling class wants you crushed, you’ll be crushed pretty damn quick.
So how can we ever hope to be governed as we wish to be? Our rulers have used everything they have, inside and outside the Constitution to prevent that.
We’re on our own.    

Illustration from here.


ScotchedEarth said...

I believe you’re being unfair to Her Maj. The Crown has seen its power gradually stripped away over centuries while the British electorate looked on—and now she’s expected to mount up and charge in like the 7th Cav?

The royals are in a delicate position: to exercise power unpropitiously is to lose it. Note the fate of the Lords after their challenging the Commons over the wrong issue (the Liberals’ ‘People’s Budget’) in 1909; they not only lost that battle but saw their power further eroded with the Parliament Act 1911.

Why should Her Maj provoke a constitutional crisis? To risk all in the hope of gaining what? More of the ‘same old, same old’—private family matters plastered across the front pages, constant bleating about the supposed cost of the Royal Family (while the cost of the politicians is ignored—e.g. ‘Tony Blair’s police protection costs taxpayers millions’, ‘Tony Blair has claimed more than £1m from the taxpayer in last 10 years since leaving office’; sod hasn’t been in Parliament for over a decade and he’s still costing us a fortune), etc.

The March 29th rally protested outside Parliament—appealing to the scorpion to behave less like a scorpion. They should have been—and should be now—rallying outside Buckingham Palace appealing to the Queen to perform her duty as ultimate guardian of Her Subjects’ liberties; demanding she save us from Parliamentary tyranny (as General Monck did in 1660) and take back the reins of power.

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