Thursday 5 February 2009

Massive Festival of Freedom

There is a nationwide festival of debate and events concerning freedom going on on 28 February. It's called Modern Liberty and has drawn speakers and presenters from much of the political spectrum.

Some of them, in my opinion, are likely to have some very odd attitudes to liberty, but it represents a major effort amongst our political class to address what some of them see as threats to freedom in Britain.

And there are David Davis, Peter Oborne, Ian Dale, Edward Garnier, Laura Sandys and Tim Montgomerie for those of us nervous about some of the Lefties who seem suddenly to revere freedom so much..

It's well worth a view and maybe to attend or (I guess) watch the sessions on-line.

And just to draw you into my web of interlocking sites, it's visible over on the freedom resources site



Anonymous said...

If only we were part of Our Political Class!

North Northwester said...

Bring back the Establishment, say I!
'It's just not done old boy.' - some of the finest words in the British political lexicon.


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