Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Another really good reason to say f*ck

Dumb Jon notices the Tory Party bounding like a graceful gazelle from kamikaze attacks on the British nation to hara-kiri as it prepares to eat its own nostril contents on the World Wide Watch.

Can we perhaps step away from the cultural Marxism - ‘cultural Marzxism?’ - of the gay-marriage, Really Believe in Global Warming, Hug-a-Hoodie because the stocks are so uncool maaan Tory Party for a moment? You can’t laugh all day long because someone might notice and cancel your takeaway delivery order of twenty-six 14” thick crust pizzas with everything….

You’ve got to ask yourself just exactly what sort of political i.e. partisan, strategic, public relations reasoning goes on at the party’s highest levels behind this internet-age equivalent of undressing upstairs at night with the lights on and the curtains open.

In what way do the Powder Blues Who Lose imagine that every aspect (real, imagined, speculative, alternative reality and visionary) of this needless persecution will not somehow be plastered across the BBC, the Twitter sphere, the Guardian, the BBC web pages for UK (and for politics), Facebook, the BBC London pages, Channel Four and the BBC gardening and weather sites from now to Election Day?

There will likely be special flowcharts and commentary showing how both Sarah Palin and the IDF are helping the Toriez inflict their very own Night Of The Long Knives on the shrinking democratic UK Right’s equivalent of a gentle giant on his way home from the cigar store: all full of pizza and chocolate and light-heartedly bantering with a Klan cop and surrendering by light-heartedly running towards him in a friendly and non-threatening manner?

Someone might devise a specialist search engine:

But a party that conducts its business in secret and far, far away from its membership and the electors probably reasons that as MacMillan won’t even publish a hardback about l’Affaire Bow Group, who’ll ever know? 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The silence is settled

Below is a fine example of good old-fashioned factual newspaper reporting; telling the story as it is…with a political sting in the tale.
In these corrupt days when much contemporary ‘journalism’ is hopelessly partisan and therefore editorialized, you’ve got to hand it to The Independent for simply laying out the facts, reporting speech and describing a professional expert’s explanation of the criminal motives for essential context.
I’m not sure quite why one or two irrelevancies were included among the otherwise crisp storytelling, such as the deceased’s place of birth and this self-widowing brute’s harsh attitude to her style of dress, but the names of some of those involved in this tragedy add a certain colour to the tale and nicely complement the Arabian Nights feel that hovers around the killer’s motivation. A Jinn, forsooth!

My only criticism of the article is that without a comments section there’s no opportunity for readers to discuss the inescapably feminist closing paragraph which makes (I’m sure you’ll all agree) one hell of a punch line.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What didn’t just happen?

A week ago was the eve of the UK’s round of the European Parliamentary elections. Here’s what didn’t happen next.

Trooper Lee Rigby did not cast a ballot; nor did any of the 52 Londoners murdered on 7/7 who might have been entitled to vote. But perhaps some people inside and outside our sophisticated multicultural capital city remembered those events and did something a little…off while remembering them, despite being told that doing something a little off might eventually bring violence to Britain’s streets. Join the queue.  
The unemployed unknowingly and innocently displaced by cheap immigrant labour did not strike a blow for serious immigration reform, but perhaps some of them noticed not being picked for the factory job or the cleaning position at the motel and decided to do something probably ineffective about it.
The nation’s patriots did not rise up as one to demand an end to the UK’s membership of the EU. In fact a majority of those who voted at all did so for parties committed to staying in the EU and which notionally offer instead thorough, deep and lasting reform of EU institutions to the betterment of everyday life and international prestige for Britain, unlikely as it seems. But, hey: people still buy lottery tickets every week despite the odds against ever winning a large sum. But voting for political parties is rarely the exercise of fine-tuned choice: parties are portfolios of interests so diverse as to make cable TV bundling seem like pick ‘n mix by comparison. But some folk may have noticed that the peace and plenty (and the banishment of right-wing nationalism often predicted if the European Project does not roll on unchecked) that the EEC, EC, EU’s enthusiasts promised us are not too obvious today. Maybe some Britons remembered those promises and threats and did…something else. Rather like lots of other Europeans with whose parties our masters would prefer UKIP not to associate because pan-European political alliances are a bad thing – did you notice that?

Oh, and after three days of editorial postmortems it doesn’t seem that a significant part of the British electorate has given the three parties with a combined age of 400 +years much reason to reflect, remember, and change their ways.

Other things that did not happen that you might like to remember sometime in 2015:

Overall government debt did not go down. Pension funding did not increase for most people. Savers still aren’t getting much return for investing in our banks. The two million or so baseline unemployed figure did not shrink noticeably. Britain’s streets and housing estates did not become visibly safer or more peaceful. Nor did the parts of Europe where Britons visit to trade and study. Educational standards did not rise nor, as far as I can see, did the efficiency and cleanliness of our hospitals, the nutrition provided for the children of this country or the care for its pensioners, though I may have missed some spectacular initiatives. Our jurisprudence did not become simpler nor justice easier to access, nor did convicted criminals show much sign of seeing the error of their ways. Our mobile phone and other internet services might have become cheaper and better but, well, who do we have to thank for that? Not, I think, any of the institutions in charge of our roads or the parties who have governed them for decades.

You could argue that none of the trivia in the above paragraph is the direct or even indirect responsibility of the EU and its institutions… But if the EU is so remote from our daily lives, what’s the point of being in the EU at all?

Notice. Remember. 2015.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Poke a finger in their eye

...For once.

Only one week to go to penetrate the Progressives’ Cloak of
Invisibility that is worn even when they break even their own weedy, non-judgemental optional guidelines.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Nanostradivarius Award winner 2014

Bigots gave me everything I ever wanted: thus proving that the racist/sexist holocaust is real.

Carol Howard… says she was "singled out" and used to prove the force was no longer racist
A black firearms officer who is suing the Metropolitan Police for racial and sexual discrimination claims she was a "token" used by the force to try to prove it was diverse.,,, said she was put forward for an interview in the wake of the shooting of Mark Duggan, at a time when her unit had a "bad reputation"….she was also tasked with driving Baroness Lawrence, the mother of murdered Stephen Lawrence, in what she saw as an attempt by the Met to prove it was no longer racist.
Yes, fellow Klansmen, it’s time to use those old sheets and pillowcases for something other than midnight rood-oxidation parties in the ‘Hood, because nothing says White Supremacy and patriarchal phallocentric elitism quite as well as arming and armouring a young female black officer and putting her onto London’s streets, tooled-up and good to go. It’s the Nazi dream come true.
And then they humiliated her publicly by making some kind of role-model or poster-girl of her. Unconscionable.
"I felt I had been singled out and chosen as a black female officer to represent diversity and to change the public image of white police shooting a black youth."
She added: "I felt that once again I was being used as a token by the organisation."
So if representing diversity means being visibly from a minority (or two) and that also means tokenism we may all have to introduce the burqa as standard uniform to the Met to make sure no-one can parade blackness/femaleness to make any kind of political statement. Ever.
She said: "I felt I was called upon to demonstrate to Mrs Lawrence that the organisation had come a long way as here I stood as a successful black female officer."
It would have been better to have the new baroness guarded by a couple of tall blond white guys, because that’s the best way to prove that diversity works. Plus, it’s not that this is in any way the special pleading of a rent-seeking race-hustler leveraging her elite firearms squad position for fame and fortune: her theory is actually proven by The Science.
In her statement she said: "Precious time spent with my children has been affected and compromised. Time, which I will never get back.
My children have been impacted by this case.
Can’t argue with that: her opinion alone is proof as convincing as a well-documented series of experiments under controlled conditions using careful observations, meticulous record-keeping and thoroughly-worded arguments; each one qualified and foot-noted to a T. But like all good science it’s peer-reviewed by other, equally-well qualified and eminent scientists and philosophers who have tested her claims under laboratory conditions. Such as a six-year old child.
My six year old daughter only last week asked me if I was going to leave the police service, I asked her why she was asking and her reply 'my school friend told me they treat you bad mommy. Her mom said so.' I have had to reassure my children that I will be fine."
The Science is settled!
To be fair, an accusation of tokenism would have to be supported with evidence that in some way PC Howard wasn’t up to the job; perhaps by being a poor shot, or by freezing under fire or being ineffective under pressure, or by being unable or unwilling to take criticism and correction in the tough, high-pressure professional world of firearms specialists…  
PC Gary Flaherty who said told he had seen her "visibly upset and in tears" after one incident involving Sergeant Kelly, when he had stood holding his gun and a Taser stun gun while dressing her down in front of senior officers.
So what can we on the Right take away from this? Only one little thing, which is that whenever some Prog prat risks jeopardizing police efficiency and public safety by putting diversity first  and by changing the law in exchange for the support, gratitude and professionalism of minorities, we can tell him it possibly might not work.

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

A short history of blame

It’s getting hard to work out whom to blame for what these days.

Based on the Ten Commandments, Christian teachings about the value of the individual and our Anglo-Saxon and Viking notions of personal value (weregild and all that jazz), and though it was  occasionally marred or broken by notions of collective responsibility (see our brutal Norman ancestors’ massacres of everyone even suspected of being able to rebel again in Yorkshire and the earlier massacre of Norse settlers throughout England), throughout much off our history individuals tended to be held responsible for their perceived crimes. Naughty kings and other rulers were held to high standards of not messing with the powers that be and even the commonality by frequent rebellions – except again, when the institution of kingship was held to be too valuable to blame the king himself – in which case his government of over-mighty subjects was held to account.   
But otherwise, if you did the crime you did the time – in the stocks if not in prison. And it worked throughout society -kinda - through private perceptions of individual guilt and responsibility. You could punish people, deter people, take them off the streets or out of the picture altogether – and when you did that they often didn't re-offend. Simples.
Habits of law like this eventually wiped out the very popular barbarian Germanic culture of blood feud – a horribly brutal and expensive vice.

But where would the human race be today without the dear old Enlightenment?

First, there came that old progressive masochism catechism that, for example, the huge and ancient institution of  slavery was somehow caused even by some of the Abolitionists themselves and thus “we are all guilty” allowed ‘us’ all to be – ahem - tarred with the same shivery-exciting brush of lovely guilt, while at the same time feeling superior to the benighted souls who haven’t yet admitted their guilt fulsomely enough.

Today, ‘we,’ the witting and/or ignorant tolerators of all of Progressivism’s menu of evils are expected to kneel before our liberal betters and abase ourselves and give up whatever unsustainable luxury it is the progs want solely for themselves.   

This attitude has metastasised away from merely hurting our fellow creatures and recently led us into a surreal steam-punk alternative history in which the early Lords of the Air took upon themselves the typical Enlightenment task of promising to ration Progress at the then-height of its achievement; intercontinental aviation.
So you get this Zen-master scatology right out of Jules Verne Goes All Verdigris:

“While rejecting suggestions that flying is wrong and should be stopped, Cameron nevertheless argued that the rapid predicted future growth of aircraft emissions must be cut if Britain and the rest of the world are to meet national and international targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”
 He naturally followed this pronouncement by attending all future international jamborees by tea-clipper, horse-and-buggy and a stout pair of brogues. Because collective responsibility is so back in fashion.

It gets better. Not only have we been stiffing our fellow Englishmen for centuries by running the Industrial Revolution scam on them at home via the domestic exploitation of labour and then exporting the whole shell game to the Empire and Colonies (all bow, scrape, rend hair shirts, etc), but right now at this end of the hockey stick we’re sticking it to Mother Nature herself: That’ll be $147,000,000,000 please, dear sir, madam, or civilisation.

Which perhaps explains the cats cradle Gordian Knot of progressive guilt-mongering that blames everyone on Earth who happens to be wearing trousers with a fly for causing Man-made Global Warming, which in turn induced man-made regional flooding, but which for some reason can’t be cured by man-made local dredging.
Thanks for clearing that one up, Dumb Jon.

So, to recap.

Breaking with centuries-old Judeo-Christian (and barbarian Germanic) teachings about personal responsibility, Progress slipped the blame for awfulness onto those who didn’t abolish active human evil quickly enough, and then neatly segued into an ethical world where merely by having nice things (say by possessing any technology more advanced than that used by the Clovis Culture) we jointly and severally become the Destroyer of Worlds. Except if it’s manufactured by Apple, ‘natch, which is so cool and little more unsustainable than the nests constructed by weaver ants. So.

It must be pretty easy again to go right back to blaming someone for actually going out and deliberately hurting someone, right?...

Luke Batty is believed to have been struck across the head before being knifed by his father Greg, who was shot by police after threatening paramedics with a knife.

Now this is clearly one of those random human tragedies that even my ever-more reactionary soul can’t somehow blame on Islam or the Progressive infection. The killer seems to have been insane and inherently irresponsible and so where can we lay the guilt for this awful crime, if not the natural human instinct to blame the perpetrator?

Why, it’s down to impersonal forces that fall on otherwise innocent human beings like rain – and no even man-made rain. At least nobody’s blamed common people enjoying the petrol engine or aviation fuel to date as far as I know.

Luke's mother Rosie Batty, who is originally from England, was at the cricket ground when her son was killed. Note the passive voice. There will be more. She told reporters in Australia that Luke, who was a keen footballer as well as a cricket player, had begged for a few more minutes with his father who he rarely saw at the end of the training session. Well, we already know that the late Greg wasn’t Father of the Year…"What triggered this was a case of his dad having mental health issues," Ms Batty told Channel Nine. "He was in a homelessness situation for many years,…which clearly implies that he did not get kicked out of any and all accommodation made available to him because he behaved irresponsibly, or something. A homelessness situation is just, well, external to our control somehow like gravity or being a Sagittarian or something, yeah?….his life was failing,… so it’s not that he failed to do whatever simple things a responsible person might do to avoid being homeless. Australia’s a socially conservative place in general but I don’t think they actually chuck you out to freeze/swelter/be bitten by spiders without trying to house you… everything was becoming worse in his life,…like snowflakes falling onto his karma and stuff… and Luke was the only bright light in his life.
Which he then snuffed out.
"No one loved Luke more than his father…Which was why he had to die, apparently.  No one loved Luke more than meso it’s a dead heat at the tape, okay? - we both loved him."… And that’s why they did such a great job? ‘Love’ is passive too – something you feel, but don’t have to act on in any responsible way by, as a randomly chosen example, keeping him away from the deranged homeless Greg.  

Later, in an interview outside her home, she told the Herald Sun she was in "shock, disbelief",.. Whereas she did believe with all her heart, like Tinkerbell, that letting the deranged homeless father meet the ‘bright light in his life’ was a good idea and something that love bids you do… but was being supported by family and friends, and her family were on their way over to Australia from England. Land of personal irresponsibility and people with issues, like measles.
She said: "What I want to share with you is: I'm the victim of family violence,… as yo can tell by remembering my unexpectedly murdered son… and if anything come out of this, I want it to be a lesson to everybody. Goes like: ‘Let’s all keep the deranged homeless guys away from their children, or indeed anyone’s children?
"Luke was at cricket practice and I believed he was safe."
"I don't think anyone really understood or understands what someone is able to do. Nobody ever heard of deranged, homeless people hurting anyone, or nutso parents extinguishing their kids. I mean, it just doesn’t happen. And so, as a sane person, or as a caring parent, you trust the very person who killed him,..Despite his life ‘failing’ and having ‘homeless issues,’ of course… loved him, and they did love him, they loved him more than anyone else." Though this might not be quite what she had in mind.
She told how she had initially believed Luke had been accidentally injured in a "bowling accident" by his father, and it was only later she was told by police and paramedics that he had been deliberately injured.

She went on to say it was a "tragic situation that no one could see was going to happen." It’s a mystery.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen: even infanticide by the insane is an impersonal, unprecedented, unpredictable thing. Though it might come to be public policy here in dear old Blighty if the Progressives have their way. We can only hope.
Indeed, infanticide may not actually be ‘a thing’ as the kids say these days at all. It might just be nothing. Nothing at all: it just happens because of a lawless, totally unpredictable, capricious Universe.

As a footnote I’d like to point out that I for one am glad that I’m not in any kind of authority in Australia.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Judgment Day arrives in 30 minutes

... or less.

It seems Skynet isn’t prepared to wait for NORAD and the Iranians, Russians, Saudis, Chinese, Norks or Pakistan to destroy most of humanity in a global nuclear exchange.

Instead, Skynet’s Extinction As Technological Unemployment Programme (E.A.T.U.P.) is intended to extinguish the human race by rendering it superfluous one formerly useful occupation at a time.

It’s starting right here with the class of unmated and unmarriageable sociology, peace studies and environmental science graduates. 

Perhaps they might survive a decade or two longer if they subsist off the flesh of former Blockbusters and HMV employees but I doubt they’ll make it till the day when John Connor arrives to reopen the mills, to frack and drill horizontally for gas, de-mothball the mines and rebuild the munitions factories we seem to have lost somewhere along the way…

Talk about the Domino Theory…

Hat tip, ultimately from here., but also via here.

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