Thursday, 18 June 2009

Miss Pink. In the bathroom. With chocolate.

This from The Telegraph...

Fantasist hired as social worker after council fails to check record.
A fantasist who hired a hitman to kill her former husband was employed as a senior social worker in charge of vulnerable children after a council failed to properly check her criminal record.
Lynda Barnes, 55, was convicted of conspiracy to murder after offering a contract killer £10,000 to "take out" her former husband Rodney.

She was given a two-year suspended prison sentence in 1995 and was sacked from her job at Avon County Council.
The author of a pre-sentence report said that her "sense of reality is blurred with her fantasies" and that she "needs assistance in enabling her to separate reality from fantasy".

I wonder how they spotted her?

Did she do something outrageously and obviously insane like arguing against fostering a child with a gay couple as a first resort, or ask to look under the chocolate for bruising, or opposing fostering a known child molester with a family but not warning them, or suggest that a soldier might make a good parent?

Perhaps we'll never know.

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