Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Racism: a clarification

There’s been a great deal made by the right-wing press and blogosphere denying that there’s a strong element of racism motivating US and foreign conservatives’ criticism of Barack Obama.
Whatever my disagreements with (every single one of) his policies, I have to agree with the 44th president’s supporters on this one issue.

If a white president had:

Covered up its deliberate policy by an agency of the American central government of
permitting the large-scale export of firearms to the gangs of a friendly country in order to promote gun control legislation in the USA;
Debauched the Constitution regarding freedom of religion;
Returned the gift of another friendly nation and active ally’s greatest war leader;
Displayed his ignorance of the number and locality of the States of the Union;

… then it’s perfectly obvious that the conservative movement in general and the GOP and the Tea Party in particular would have gone along with every deed.

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