Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Climate of fear

Dumb Jon alludes tonight to an egregious example of a Left-wing ‘voluntary sector’ collective punishment in the Home of Truth itself.

'However, we will be appealing, because we feel it would be better to further punish individuals rather than punishing the club as a whole. It is some immature, unruly individuals who are putting the club in a bad light.’

There’s that notable ‘tiny and unrepresentative minority whose aberrant actions do not reflect the true nature of the majority, and whose misdemeanours have been used by bigots to dehumanize and demonise the law-abiding majority and create a climate of fear for the victims’ defence again.
Good luck with that one: I don’t think it was ever intended to protect unqualified bachelors.

On a lighter note:

The separate medics' team, the women's team and the touch rugby groups will all be allowed to continue playing.

So that’s the future NHS employees, the Fair Sex and the, um, frightfully well-dressed, sensitive men all allowed to carry on regardless with their fun. Odd how that seems to work in the grown-up world, too.

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JuliaM said...

"There’s that notable..."

And yet, despite their reliance on this, the left just looooooooves them some collective punishment. So long as it's aimed at the right target.


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