Sunday, 18 March 2012

A lass, Smith and Jones

A GAINSBOROUGH man who plastered his front window with vile anti-Islamic hate literature has been jailed for a year.
Darren Conway, a self-confessed supporter of right-wing organisations, was given a 12-months' sentence at Lincoln Crown Court.
The court was told on Tuesday that carer Conway had covered the front window of his ground floor flat in Heaton Street in Gainsborough with 17 photographs and posters.
Many were offensive – attacking both the prophet Mohammed and the Muslim religion.
Conway, 44, had denied displaying the religiously aggravated hate material on April 16 last year.
But he was convicted following a short trial earlier this year, when sentencing was postponed for reports to be prepared.
Judge Michael Heath told Conway: "To describe the material you put in your window as grossly offensive is an understatement.
"There is no place in a civilised society for conduct of that sort and the only sentence I can justify for it is an immediate custodial sentence."
Conway was also given a three-month concurrent jail sentence – to run alongside the longer term – after admitting unlawful production of cannabis.

Was he urging anyone to violence, or to otherwise break the law? No sign of that at all in the other local online press. Some nice pictures of the convicted individual there, so everyone can see what he looks like for when he gets out, unlike the absence even of descriptions in a report of actual violence referenced here.

So he’s in jail for expressing his opinions, for, and I repeat: attacking both the prophet Mohammed and the Muslim religion. As well as being a stoner.

But, thank God, along comes the offer of Amnesty
From Amnesty International: peerless global human rights organisation.

Throughout the world individuals face harassment and imprisonment as a result of exercising their right to freedom of expression.
Everyone has the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas without fear or interference.
This right is important for the personal development and dignity of every individual and is vital for the fulfilment of other human rights.
Freedom of expression has always been a core part of Amnesty International’s work and is closely linked to the right to hold opinions and the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Let’s see how they’re getting on with Darren’s case, shall we?
(Click to see properly)

Fair enough, perhaps as it’s early days yet. Give them time. Okay then, let’s see whose freedom they are looking after.
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Hana Shalabi, a member of the Islamic Jihad,   (Yes, that Islamic Jihad, Ed) stopped taking food after Israeli troops seized her in the West Bank on Feb. 16, becoming the second recent Palestinian detainee to go on hunger strike.

So to paraphrase a friend, let’s check the score shall we?

If you live in the United Kingdom: home of William of Ockham, John Locke, John Stewart Mill, ace anti-fascist Winston Churchill and of course legendary birthplace of Amnesty International and you put up posters critical of a particular religion you go to prison. 
Silence (but watch that space) from Amnesty International.

Belong to a terrorist organisation (dedicated to the aforementioned religion) that killed these folk, and A.I.'s all over you like a cheap suit.

And Cameron and Clegg are where, exactly, promoting the freedom of peaceful protest and political discussion that is passionately proclaimed to be sacred to liberal conservatism and liberal liberal democracy respectively?

Picture from here.
My apologies to whoever's blog it was that drew my attention to this new polical prisoner of our great nation's.

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James Higham said...

a self-confessed supporter of right-wing organisations

LOL - if he weren't in jail, it could almost be seen as funny.


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