Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Silly Week 2. This time, it's...

Silly week’s still on – why not visit Part Two?

Meantime, here’s something I’ve been dying to get off my chest for a long time, just like John Hurt…

North Northwester’s Law of Sequels.

It often happens that the world throws up something that is unique up to that point and so astonishingly new and fresh that the world will never be the same again.

Then comes along the first sequel which takes the great idea and develops it a little; builds upon it, moves the story along and perhaps broadens the appeal of that first powerful pleasure or beauty to a wider audience but still respects the original and charms as the first one did: if often on a larger scale.

Then, alas, so often the second sequel arrives and all is woe. Somehow, Part Three diminishes the first works by its naffness. It poisons the well; deletes or denies the virtues of the first two - sometimes by pettiness or poor execution but sometimes by contradicting them altogether.

Notable examples include: Ridley Scott’s Alien; James Cameron’s The Terminator; Stephen Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark; and, tragically, The Old Testament.

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Anonymous said...

Back to the Future

Part one good
Part two dire
Part three better

The exception proves the rule

James Higham said...

Had me going for a moment.


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