Monday, 10 May 2010

Gnostic fudge: a Demiurge confused

Coincidentally, Dumb Jon also takes a dim view of the Cameron Triumph in his latest post.

It reads a bit like a Norman Tebbit analysis would if Lord Tebbit let his hair down and just wrote what he really thinks about something and when he’s not toning it down because he’s considering party discipline and party loyalty in the face of the United Left.

Oh, wait.

Norman Tebbit doesn’t do toning it down because of party discipline and party loyalty.
Here he is mentioning only the national interest and the long-term welfare of conservatism in Britain.

I see from the bottom (you should excuse the expression) of The Telegraph page that the openly gay male A-List candidates and the disgraced ex-soldiers from ethnic minorities flopped and the Tory crony community seems to have gone south.

So much for pinko victimology.

The millionaire businesswoman who describes her lesbianism as 'incidental' and the Ugandan Asian woman who's in favour of the death penalty and who worked with the Referendum Party (The Referendum Party! Unclean and uncleanable, surely in the Cameron world view?) before going back to the Tories, and also the black banker have swept to office with stonking majorities however.

I’ve got to say that I’m disappointed with the Tories in Stourbridge, Witham and Surrey East.

Where’s all the frothing-mouthed racism and machete-wielding homophobia that Cameron and his official and unofficial Leftie pals always ascribe to those of us with Right-wing views?

Incidentally, where also is the new-found hatred of the evil bankers that we are all supposed to feel now that iDave's top advisers have discovered that Dodgy Mortgages Are Bad For Britain?

But it goes a little further than that, I think.

Perhaps conservatives both inside and outside the Tory party have some arcane, sinister agenda which they will vote for in bus-loads but with which Cameron can’t quite get in touch nationwide?

Might such virtually impenetrable Gnostic mysteries include: being proud of and successful at wealth creation; supporting the death penalty; Euroscepticism and just plain getting on with it and trying to make the world better no matter how rude some strangers are in this fallen world?


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James Higham said...

just plain getting on with it and trying to make the world better no matter how rude some strangers are in this fallen world



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