Saturday, 15 May 2010

...what you wish for

It’s been pointed out to me that we have had an election (I had mine at 9.20 last Thursday, and a very fine election it was too), and that Britain now has a government.

This government was elected (mostly) freely and (mostly) honestly and its parliamentary members were elected by more than half the votes cast, so it’s actually as democratic as all get out.

The purpose of government is to govern for the common good rather than to glorify this party or that ideology, and this government is barely formed and hasn’t done anything yet in office to disapprove of. I (in common with Republicans in the USA who variously offer or are exhorted to wish any new Democrat President well especially throughout the fabulous 100-day honeymoon period) should show some good grace, accept both the polls and the resulting coalition, hope as some people of goodwill already hope that something positive may come of this, stop sulking and wish the new rulers well for the good of us all. Were all in this together, after all.

Being nothing if not full of benevolence and Christian charity for my fellow men and a true patriot who puts nation before ideology, I am more than happy to go along with this kindly advice.

Good luck Dave and Nick.

Wasn’t that fun? Now, back to business.

The Right in all its forms lost last Thursday, and there is little sign that anyone in the Tory Party above the level of Deputy Assistant Churchill Yearner is even thinking of the possibility of reversing its Leftwards gallop into the hands of the libtards who control almost all levels of state and society.

It doesn’t really matter now whether Cameron is simply a fool whose sincere campaign of compromising conservatism out of existence in the pursuit of office merely went wrong (with a lot of help from UKIP and, ahem, from Another Party that is never mentioned by our owners without spitting), or if he was and remains a thoroughgoing liberal who planned from the get-go to take the Conservative and Unionist Party to The Place Of The Two Half Bricks.

In the event, faced with the opportunity to form a minority government that depended upon ongoing LibDem support, Cameron looked Clegg in the eye and went for the more ambitious choice of a formal coalition. He could have discussed our country with Clegg and said ‘I’m going for this list of measures to save Britain, tell me which of them can you support and let’s do those first, and let battle commence when we’ve finished them.’

But no, he went for bringing the whole sandal-wearing, lentil-munching lot into a full share of government with him. Faced with remembering and cherishing true conservatism as one of the groupings within his own party and thus something to respect and offer hope to on the one hand and hopping aboard the ‘progressive bandwagon’ on the other, Cameron hopped without anyone having to say ‘frog’ at all loudly.

Which should surely mean that even the dimmest of hereditary inbred Right-wing Tory optimists must be able to look up from their banjos at this stage and realise that Cameron and Clegg have no intention of straying far from each other in any significant way, and thus the probability of Clark Cameron stepping out of his Daily Planet reporter’s suit and fighting for the Truth, Justice and British Values of true conservatism is as statistically probable as getting tickets for Satan’s Ice Extravaganza.

Those of us with more than one full set of grandparents spotted this problem years ago but it takes more than a skunk in the outhouse to get the backwoods True Blues off the porch and into the woods after those pesky Leftie varmints for a bit of payback.

More than one skunk is coming: never fear.

The official Liberal Democrats are now preparing to use the Conservative Party as a condom with which to treat the British people like unto our first Green MP’s electorate whilst Cameron clearly plans to use the Lib Dem MPs as a barrier to practice safe corporatism free from any risk of infection from the deadly Thatcher or Enoch viruses.

What went wrong for the Tory Right, or right for us Kippers, the EDs, and the BNP? (Let’s not quibble about their economic policies or leadership here: it’s a patriotic party at base if nothing else.) Well, obviously the Right is no longer unified and that’s in part down to Cameron and his pinko infiltrators. It’s also down to New Labour’s successful campaign of fracturing the common front of patriotism, trust in the leadership class, popular concerns about national security (where a common instinct in now ‘bring the boys home’ instead of ‘stand up to the enemy and keep him fighting overseas instead of on the beaches and in the streets’), and poisoning or deleting the unionist values that held around 40% of the working class to vote Tory in the Thatcher years.

It goes deeper than that as I have long been taught by my betters: it’s the culture. What the United Left including the Cameroons are growing on the agar jelly of Britain is nothing at all like love of country, freedom and tradition.

Conservatism and anything like it’s in the cellar mostly, however, because there simply aren’t enough of us capable of forming a governing party or coalition the way things are organised just now. I should know: I helped after all to divide the Right’s electorate with malice aforethought.

That is the least of our worries, and I did campaign for a result like this because the Tory party needs to be shriven if not irreparably split or destroyed: I’m not sure yet which.

I take it back.

Last Thursday wasn’t the defeat of the Right in Britain: it merely recognised the fact that we have long been beaten and the electorate tattooed it on our national backside for all the world to see.

There is hope, always hope, and I believe much we can do, and of that more soon, but right now my dartboard is showing a bit of pink around the hairline and one eye is still pretty much intact.

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James Higham said...

I do think it's turning full circle now though - there are some hopeful signs, such as the re-ratification and the Euro crisis.


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