Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Up the chastity belt

Here's one I prepared earlier.

Catholics told to remove chastity belts on visit to college in Blackburn

By Naomi Shea »

An emergency meeting is to be held by school bosses after its Catholic pupils and staff were allegedly told to remove their chastity belts.

It is understood a group from All Saints School, Willow Street, Blackburn, had visited St Mary’s College, Blackburn, for a taster day last week.

When some of the group arrived wearing the chastity belt, which covers a woman’s groin and leaves the rest of her visible, St Mary’s College staff asked them to remove them on grounds it was contrary to the Shear Brow college’s policy.

It is understood the two pupils in question did remove their chastity belts once the policy was explained.

But a member of staff did not remove her chastity belt and left the premises.

All Saints School said it would consider commenting on the issue after a meeting tonight.

This latest controversy comes after North West Euro-MP Liberal Democrat Chris Davies said the chastity belt, which covers a woman’s lap only leaves the rest of her visible, did not belong in 21st century Britain.

He called on Catholic women in the region to take them off.

It also comes months after a parent was turned away at a parents’ evening at Our Lady’s and St John’s Catholic Arts College over security fears as she was wearing the full chastity belt.

In a statement, St Mary’s headteacher Kevin McMahon said: “St Mary’s College is a Beacon College with a national reputation for its contribution to community cohesion.

“Ofsted (2008) observed that ‘The college’s contribution to the promotion and celebration of equality and diversity is outstanding.

“[It] is committed to community cohesion and takes active steps to promote dialogue and understanding between individuals from different backgrounds’.

“At the start of one of our taster days for prospective students last week, some visitors did arrive wearing the chastity belt.

“When the policy was explained to them, all except one were willing to remove it.

“This lady – a member of staff at the school – refused, and opted to leave the premises.

“My colleague offered to arrange transport, but this offer was declined.”

Simon Magister, vice-chair of the Lancashire Council of Churches, said: “I think the college staff should be understanding towards the needs of the community.

“It is a belief they have themselves.

“I don’t think people should be forced to take it off, it is what they have chosen to wear because it is their belief.”

I’m stressing a point here, and of course the point is: just which part of it being the Twenty-First Century don’t some people understand?

The real story is that there isn’t much of a
Shrouding grown women and children like the Living Dead doesn’t even seem to be
particularly voluntary.

Where are our other pols: this brave Liberal Democrat MEP aside?

Where are the feminists?

You know you’re in trouble when the President of France seems more Right-wing than you are.


David Gillies said...

Nicely done.

As a really fundamentalist libertarian, I would be dead-set against burka bans, if I thought their wearing was voluntary in any meaningful sense. But right now, any stick with which to ward away Islamofascist exceptionalism is welcome.

North Northwester said...

Hello David Gillies and welcome. Thanks for your comment.

"As a really fundamentalist libertarian"

Rothbard akbar?

Well, I think if our courts had any sense in ruling against bagging little girls they'd treat it as child abuse.

As for adults 'volunteering' to do it, then it's harder to prove they've been coerced but I put veiling on a moral par with BDSM - you can do it, but don't expect most of the rest of us not to think you're weird.

And it surely can't be voluntary for women who've rarely if ever left their home streets.

Guided Missals

James Higham said...

Why were they told to remove them?

David Gillies said...

Thanks for the welcome. I found this place via JuliaM's blog. I can see I will be spending more time here in the future.

North Northwester said...

James, I honestly don't know whether this was sincere standing up against girl-hurting or whether it was, as other commentators suggest here a plausible-deniability gesture from the Radical Left in the Lib Dems.

See you at your place for the Islam post on Friday.

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