Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Barely a Year ago... My 200'th post

The promised
Voice of the Resistance blog set up by the Lord Elvis of Paisley has now been launched.

It is intended as a collaborative effort for centre-Right bloggers.

No-one knows yet how it'll work out, but I'm hoping it'll be a starboard equivalent of Harry's Place, or a Conservative Home with a wider spectrum of contributors: UKIP, Libertarians, others...

I feel honoured to be allowed to contribute (but let's see how Right that 'Right' bit can be!) and I can think of no better reason to
publish my 200th post today than to publicise it.

Except perhaps to celebrate the announcement of a General Election.


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Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Just watch the links with the Anti-Common Purpose/UK Column guys. They have some very dodgy friends - their local dear little old lady organiser was found wandering up and down Christchurch High Street on market day shouting the odds and distributing UK Column along with a lovely little pamphlet about the Holocaust and how it didn't really happen.


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