Monday, 29 June 2009

Balls of Steel, Lib Dem MEPs.

There are certain sentences you only get to use once in a lifetime; if that often.

‘The fleet of Ferraris parked outside belongs to the Morris-dancers.’

‘Of course they’re very stylish darling, and you still have fewer pairs than Imelda Marcos.’

‘You’re welcome to turn the Cup Final off – it was only going to penalties anyway and I think there’s a Jane Austen marathon of BBC 4.’

Oh, and…

‘I’m impressed with a Liberal Democrat MEP.’

This from here:

A NORTH West Euro MP has reignited a debate about Muslim women wearing the burka.

Liberal Democrat Chris Davies says the burka ‘does not belong in 21st century Britain’ and is calling on Muslim women in Lancashire to take them off.

Sweet Lord, it’s like reading that Graham Norton’s been cast as Major Alan ‘Dutch’ Schaefer in the remake of Predator.

Reality soon returns with refreshing speed, however.

But Mr Davies stance has been slammed by the Lancashire Council of Mosques which believes more education is needed to understand why women choose to wear the burka.

A burka covers a woman from head to toe and only leaves the eyes visible.

Mainstream media at its best; this. Incisive. Well-informed. Obvious. Badly type-set.Inaccurate.

The issue was pushed to the forefront when Blackburn MP Jack Straw said Muslim women should not wear veils to cover their faces.

Mr Davies said that people should have the legal right to wear whatever they wish, but that politeness should not prevent disapproval being expressed.

He made the remarks after President Sarkozy of France this week attacked the burka as an assault upon the dignity of women.

Mr Davies said: “There is no mention in the Qur’an of the burka and it is a style of dress used principally in those countries where women are treated as mere chattels of men.

"I believe that it does not belong in 21st century Britain.

“I have a passionate belief that women and men are equals,

Just for fun this bit; apart from Britain’s rosy future in the European Union, I’d put this at the top of my list of the three whole things in the entire world that Liberal Democrats care passionately about.

…and both sexes should be free to express their identity through the dress they wear.

"In my experience, the burka acts as a mask, reducing identity and discouraging women from developing their own skills and personality.

“If there are men who want to use the burka to impose their own will upon women in their family they should feel the full force of society’s disapproval.”

So well done, Mister Davies, congratulations on your fine speech. It’s actually pretty brave of you to say such a thing. In Britain and in the Lib Dems it must take a pair to threaten the multi-culti consensus.

Now, what would the Liberal Democrat response be to the forced veiling of schoolgirls, I wonder? Tougher than some Tories’, I suspect, as we’ll see later.

Ooh, but the ever-vigilant mainstream media have a counter-view, because they’re all about edgy, state-of-the-art, in-your-face deep-cover investigative sound bite reprinting.

Salim Mulla, vice-chairman of Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: “It is absolute nonsense to say men force their partners, wives or daughters to wear the burkas.

Here’s some absolute nonsense for you and it’s not precisely about burqas.

Honour killing victim Banaz Mahmod was failed by police when she turned to them for protection, an investigation has ruled.

The 20-year-old Muslim begged police for help four times before her brutal murder at the hands of her father and her uncle….

The police officer who took her statement, PC Angela Cornes, dismissed her account as fantasy and wanted to charge her with criminal damage because she broke a window during her escape, her Old Bailey murder trial was told…

A month later Miss Mahmod was raped, tortured and murdered and her body was found buried in a suitcase in a garden in Birmingham three months later.

"He probably needs to talk to people like myself…

Such as this chap, coincidentally a co-religionist of his:

Yet another Muslim father kills his daughter

JUST weeks after we reported the case of an Iraqi man who beat his daughter to death in an ‘honour” killing, comes the news that a Pakistani man is behind bars in the USA after strangling his daughter. He was said to be upset that Sandeela Kanwal, 25, wanted to leave her arranged marriage.

According to this report, Chaudhry Rashid, 54, is charged with strangling his daughter with a bungee cord at their home in Jonesboro, Georgia.

…Or maybe another respected community leader like this?...

Her father gave up his factory job and became an Imam, the leader of his mosque…

A few weeks later Hannah tried to protect her mother so her father turned on her. She was 6 years old and from that day was punished regularly for her evil in tempting her father. Her punishments included regular rape and periods locked in the cellar. If she were to tell of what he did he threatened to kill her, and then such an evil dirty little girl like her would go straight to hell.

or this fine fellow?

The crime drips with brutal irony: a woman decapitated, allegedly by her estranged husband, in the offices of the television network the couple founded with the hope of countering Muslim stereotypes.

Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan is accused of beheading his wife last week, days after she filed for divorce. Authorities have not discussed the role religion or culture might have played, but the slaying gave rise to speculation that it was the sort of "honor killing" more common in countries half a world away, including the couple's native Pakistan.

…and the Council of Mosques to educate himself about the issue.

And here’s a local councillor in Burnley, and a Tory, too. Makes me proud.

TWO sons who helped get their father elected into County Hall have pleaded guilty to knocking out the front teeth of a teenage girl.

Waqar Mohammed Younis, 20, and his brother Khawar Younis, 17, both of Nuttall Street, Accrington, appeared at Burnley Crown Court last Tuesday charged with occasioning actual bodily harm and grievous bodily harm with intent.

See? In Accrington they don’t even keep the fun to their own – they’re involved in active outreach to support volunteering in the wider community.

"It is up to individuals if they want to wear the burka.

Here’s another individual:

A Kurdish Muslim from Iraq has been jailed for life for slitting his teenage daughter's throat in a so-called honour killing after she decided to marry a Lebanese Christian…

In October last year Heshu barricaded herself in the bathroom of the family home in west London. The father broke down the door and stabbed her daughter repeatedly 11 times, before slitting her throat and leaving her bleeding in the bath.

Time for some plain, good, old-fashioned Lancashire good sense from a fine and typically Northern fellow.

Burnley-born Communities Minister Shahid Malik said: “It is not the job of government to dictate what people should or should not wear in our society - that is a matter of personal choice.

”This freedom to choose is one of the great values of our nation and why we are revered around the world.

Just like I learned at my old Mum’s knee as she stood cheerfully over my cousin/fiancée, stick in hand, as they cheerfully sewed on into the night.

”There are no laws stating what clothes or attire are acceptable and so whether one chooses to wear a veil or burka, a mini-skirt or goth outfit is entirely at the individual’s discretion.

Sadly, Goths don’t have much of a life expectancy in some parts of Lancashire either, poor kids.

Perhaps it’s the whippets?

”It is true that many Muslims feel the veil and its rationale are misunderstood and so sensible discussion provides an opportunity to create a better understanding and ultimately ensures we are more at ease with the diverse society within which we live.”

Actually, I think I understand just fine.

Mrs Northwester points out that some Muslim women choose to use the veil to protest and to protect themselves in a country that’s not very welcoming to them, and I can believe it in some cases, but there doesn’t seem to be all that much equality and respect for women throughout the community in other areas of life, so why on the face instead?

I don’t know what the Islamists call regiments of jihadi terrorists...

Oh, I tell a lie - they call them ‘wedding guests’ and ‘militants’ and ‘children.’

But I bet they don’t call them ‘Volunteers.’


Richard Dale said...

In European cultures only those who want to hide their identity for nefarious purposes cover their faces, unless there is some protection required. Therefore covering of the face when no protection is needed is felt to be threatening, whether it is by a burka or a motorcycle helmet worn in a shop.

Multiculturalism seems to accept every culture except European cultures.

Goodnight Vienna said...

I touched on this briefly in a Sunday Round-Up. Britain isn't the only country blighted by these monstrous crimes and not the only one to try to 'understand' the cultural motive rather than punish severely. Pajamas Media

James Higham said...

Make sure you join the weekend poll on Friday. It is relevant to your post, btw. :)

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Odd really, because the man is actually a Jew-hating conspiracy nut as well...

North Northwester said...


Welcome, and thanks for your comments.

Hmm. Interesting, and thanks.

Of course nobody [with the obvious exception of Mrs. Northwester] is perfect; and yet, and yet...

Actually, my cheers were for someone standing up against the burqa in England, rather than for a political party which I have come to...Laugh at? Despair of? Distrust as worse than New Labour?

Who can say what kind of ideological journey this man has made in 3 years?

You, perhaps?

I am not unwary of the anti-CP crowd myself, and I'm grateful for your mentioning it - if only for my casual readers' attention.

the trouble with the many forces arrayed against our country and our civilisation is that there are so many of them - and their enemies are 'diverse' in the sense that diverse has come to mean - unreliable or inscrutable.

Bur CP exists and proclaims its mission to provide wide and professional support for the leadership' so that it's difficult not to believe that they are powerful and organised.

So are the Americans, you can say and we should not fear them [at least after 2012 perhaps.]

Any collective blog will attract a smorgasbord of opinions, and already this has been the case.

I expect that I'm seen as some kind of Paki-hating zealot in some places - and yet I know I'm no such thing.

We shall see.

Please keep commenting - I need extra wiz, to say the least.

David Gillies said...

On a bit of a tangent, what is this pusillanimous genuflection towards the spelling of the Koran as Qur'an, or whathaveyou? An apostrophe in that position is orthographically meaningless in English. It doesn't indicate a missed letter; it doesn't indicate an elided phoneme. One might as well put a percent sign there, or the pair of scissors from the Wingdings font. The capital of China - not Zhongguo - is Peking, and Berlin is the capital of Germany, not Deutschland. Similarly I reject the normative aspect of allowing mediaeval contaminants like 'wudu', 'deen' and 'ummah' into my language. Le weekend, die Fashion and el nightclub work because they are loanwords from a culturally homogeneous milieu (hah!). 'Being ritually clean (as opposed to actually clean) before you pray because your prehistoric moon god will get angry otherwise' is not a concept that merits importation into the English language, or any other that has crawled out of the swamp of barbarism,.

North Northwester said...

David Gillies.

It's foreigners first; our ways last mentality; intended to reflect the rich variety of life in other cultures.

Perhaps we can reverse it by emphasis, such as to Marxists: 'Hello, o willing apologist for 100 million deaths, what's the state of the art in the class hatred genocide business today?'

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Thank you for such a gracious welcome, NNW. Can I say I'm a big fan without sounding all girly?

This outburst by Davies would seem to be a fairly transparent vote-grab from out of (Far) leftfield, using a nobody MEP who can be conveniently plausibly denied as a true arbiter of Lib Dem policy if it goes pearshaped but can drum up some popular votes for them. Dan Hannan, anyone?

On the other subject, the anti-Common Purpose crowd bother me. They spread their net ridiculously wide in blaming just about every shadowy non-fictional and fictional cabal short of the Illuminati for Britain's decline but without mentioning the word Gramsci once...the nutty hyperbole puts people right off. The little old lady mentioned on the other thread regularly walks up and down the market literally shouting the odds and denouncing the world in strident tones - normally most people just ignore her but she did it when the local UKIPers were out campaigning at which point the fun and tasty accompanying literature was noted. UKIP came within a few hundred votes of beating the Tories in Christchurch - how many votes did she lose them I wonder?

I am also told by local UKIP people who've met him that Gerrish is a Truther, which would pretty much destroy his credibility with me for one - anyone have any idea if that's true?

David Gillies said...

DSD: I think this is a problem in general for small parties like UKIP. The squishy centralist consensus of the Leviathan State being our guardian and saviour from cradle to grave (with the difference between the parties being whether they will appropriate half your pay-cheque or merely 45% to pay for it) is so ingrained that anyone who challenges it is by definition removed from the mainstream. The problem is that a maverick position in one area tends to attract those who have somewhat odd beliefs in other areas. It's a sad fact that fringe political activism is going to be attended by an annoying accretion of monomaniacs, loonies and bores. The Left has them too, but there we call them George Monbiot and Madeleine Bunting, and they get columns in the Grauniad.

North Northwester said...

DSD - thank you: I'm flattered.
I can't see the Lib Dems backing him up after the first 'Asian' calls him a racist anywhere truly public - such as local radio or any BBC outlet.

See here Pits N Pots for authentic muddled thinking with half-hearted good sense scattered hither and yon.

As for anti-CP, well ,yes, there is a wedge of moonbat-like rhetoric there, it's true. My difficulty would be disproving it if I wanted to go all anti-conspiracy theory on them.

Common Purpose exists and is full of the political class that does, in my opinion, exist as a distinct and definable phenomenon in Britain.

What does that prove or disprove?

As for the meta-conspiracy of banks and Rothschilds and Bildebergers and Deep Capture and the Bank of England and the EU that Atlas Shrugs refers to in Biased-BBC, or which my good blogging buddy James Higham and his colleague Sonus refer to here...

Why We’re in Trouble

...well, it's pretty hard to disprove and if I believed that the secret masters were as powerful and sinister as the theory's proponents say they are, then the LAST thing I would do about it would be to post my beliefs on the Internet....

It's so hard to draw a line, and frankly I'm with David on this in a way, in that the fascist Centre owns the culture and has so much power that anyone that dissents is made out to be a moonbat, so I'll leave any drawing of a line up to Lord Elvis himself, and ponder a bit about those who still find time for me.

I'm a religious cultist who is linked to by an atheist or two. I'm a British Unionist who is Googlefollowed by a Scottish Nationalist [ I think].
I'm a traditionalist conservative who is Googlefollowed by a British Nationalist.
I'm a social conservative who is Googlefollowed by an enthusiast of BDSM and also several libertarians.

So I'm going to draw the line where, exactly?

Thank you for your praise and comments and getting stuck in with conversations between yourselves on my blog.

I hope you'll like the Scottish play on words, and will call again.

Cheers and goodnight, sweet princes.



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