Monday, 5 January 2009

Death. Despair. Insanity. Ruin. My work here is done

Actually, my work, if not done, is surely outclassed and outnumbered and over here.

Dumb Jon has outdone himself this time in showing us just how deep it is. And wide. And thick.

He demonstrates with conscience-pricking, adrenalin-pumping fury and awful, grinding detail that our governors don't believe that a dog's breakfast is just for Christmas, but also that with a bit of work and no care at all, they mean to cock their legs over our lives throughout all of 2009. It's possible in some cases that our grandchildren will be footing the bill. Maybe paying by the gallon.

I'd love - just love - to send this stuff to our leaders to glimpse through and see if a clue sticks to any of the vast majority not already equipped with that rare parliamentary attribute: independent thought.

But what's a grumpy conservative to do this week after this little lot?
Have I lost the will to hurt the jokers?


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