Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Jacqui Smith: a correction

I must confess that of late I have been labouring under a misapprehension and in so doing may have been leading my readers, and readers of other blogs, into error.

Whilst viewing pictures on Google of the Home Secretary, the Right Honourable Jacqui Smith MP, I had falsely conceived the notion from the variety and piquancy of her facial expressions that she appears at all times and in all moods to believe that she has recently and repeatedly been honoured by the Prime Minister with the highest tribute that a man can bestow upon a woman, but with the unusual variation that he has elected to make his entrance not into that atrium or vestibule which the Creator or Nature (depending upon one's faith in Deity or trust of natural philosophy) has designed for both the beginning and the conclusion of the generative and gestative process; but rather into the passage or vessel more naturally used for the elimination of solids. I realise now that this impression is false.

In each photograph I have viewed of late I have seen that her rich and vibrant diversity of countenance is rather the product of her warm and universal compassion, her cool intelligence and breathtaking competence, as this proves.How we are blessed.

Hat tips to: The Ranting Penguin, British Blogs and The Wilted Rose


James Higham said...

Was it absolutely necessary to have her mush up there?

North Northwester said...

I know, but this is a family blog*, and I couldn't,er, face finding a picture of a part of her which was both more appropriate, and tasteful.

* okay, it's the Borgias, but still..


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