Saturday, 3 January 2009

Celebs to Jews: Die kikes, die.

Thousands of protesters have voiced their anger at the bombing of Gaza in a series of rallies across the UK.

Anger which was wholly absent when rockets rained down on Israel over the past six years. On holiday were you?

The protesters - including the singer Annie Lennox and Respect MP George Galloway - marched along the Embankment in London to Trafalgar Square to call for an immediate end to the Israeli attacks.

Which, godlike, have come out of the blue, and which have no antecedents or history.

The demonstration in the capital was the biggest of at least 18 organised across the country.

Other rallies were taking place at Blytheswood Square, Glasgow; Bedford Square, Exeter; Princes Street, Edinburgh; Bristol city centre; Bold Street, Liverpool; Norwich Forum; Portsmouth's Guildhall Square; Queen Victoria Square, Hull; Tunbridge Wells town centre; Leeds Art Gallery; All Saints Park, Manchester; Grey's Monument, Newcastle; Castle Square, Swansea; St Sampson's Square, York; Morrisons, Caernarfon; Bradford city centre; and Sheffield town hall.

Wow. Must be right then. Eighteen.

The ‘thousands’ don’t seem to be that many and even the BBC mentioned the Countryside Alliance had a few more. Guess we’d better reinstate hunting to hounds and get out of the European Union, then, if the peepul have marched, right?

Former model Bianca Jagger and singer Lennox have backed the protests, calling on American president-elect Barack Obama to speak up against the bombardment.

Because if the Israelis stop, what do you think Hamas are going to do? Carry on rocketing as they did through almost all of the previous ‘ceasefires’, perhaps?

Speaking at a press conference in central London, Ms Jagger said: "I would like to make an appeal to president-elect Obama to speak up.

"People throughout the world were hopeful when he was elected and we must appeal to him to ask for the immediate cessation of the bombardment of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip."

You might consider asking Hamas to stop putting their war materiel in tightly-populated areas, and storing weapons in hospitals and mosques, but then maybe some Islamists might be mean to you, and it doesn’t do to annoy the head-hackers and daughter-baggers, does it Bianca?

Lennox spoke of her shock at watching scenes of the bombing on television.

Of course, we can hardly blame her for not being aware of the rocketing of Israel and the recent legalisation of crucifixion by Hamas and the persecution of Christians, can we, as the mainstream media rarely if ever mention such things, right? Not when the BBC are allowing Hamas propaganda from a front-man in an Islamist organisation which supports Hamas as if he were from the neutral Red Cross.

And it’s just too much work hard for a busy has-been-borderline-hanger-on-ex-celebrity to use fast and varied reference source to look up the context.

Former mayor of London Ken Livingstone and comedian Alexei Sayle also added their support on Friday to the campaign to end the violence.

Would this be the Ken Livingstone who’s lionized and or/praised the IRA, Argentinian Junta and all kinds of Islamists throughout his varied career or the far Left? That Ken Livingstone?

Comedian Sayle said he was speaking out because it was important for Jewish voices to be heard.

Yes Alexei. You’re as Jewish as you’re Russian as I’m Welsh.

Also present at the press conference were the writer Tariq Ali, Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather, Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn and Mr Galloway.

Remember their names when Iran nukes Israel, or the Islamic Front (or whatever they’re going to call it) pushes the last Kibbutzim into the sea.

Why not just stick to the simple mass-flow bodily functions which are probably your only skills, and leave the moral deliberations to those who are capable of discerning the difference between attack and defence?



faceless said...

I bet you're great fun at parties.

JuliaM said...

All the usual suspects, I see.....

North Northwester said...

Faceless; welcome, and thanks for your comment. Not quite sure what it means, but I'm blond, so who cares what I know?

I'm an absolute scream at parties, as long as you don't press the button that activates my totally irrational hatred of genocidal antisemitism.

My father had this problem as well, as this other bunch of genocidal anti-semites interfered with his career plans which involved teaching languages between 1939 and 1945, rather than doing what he ended up doing, which was rather less fun.

North Northwester said...

Julia, perhaps we ought to keep a list somewhere - you know, a Roll of Honour for all the world to see the great minds of the Peace Process.


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