Sunday, 16 November 2008

Social Responsibility - Baby P

This is where you can find the Haringey Council Social services budget. There's a PDF file which you can download.

Look amongst the pages for 'children and young peoples' services' p 25, or 'social services' p5 under cost of services, and 'children and young people' p 103.

May be some repetition there, but still, I can't quite see where it says 'check under the chocolate, there's a dear.'

This is probably why sloth remains a deadly sin.

Devil's Kitchen has a second post about this case. He takes time to offer a different and contrasting view from his own. He doesn't swear once in the new post. He is very calm.



The Penguin said...

That page link now come up as "Page Not Found"

Too computer-illiterate to know whether it's a glitch or a removal to avoid scrutiny, but cynical enough to think "cover up".

Best wishes
The Penguin

North Northwester said...

Thank you for spotting that.

'tis now fixed and aimed at another Guardian newspaper page relating how its avid readers failed to notice a very small number of tiny and easy to misinterpret clues which might, in a parallel universe, have led to another outcome for Baby P.

You've inspired me to another post.
So, my plagiarism is confessed here, live in the Internet, with no-one listening.


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