Friday, 21 November 2008

I have a dream

I’ve decided not to swear much online, but a chap has to do something or else the anger just builds up and builds up and fills his world until he finds himself on top of a church steeple or some other tall building; stark naked and with nothing for company but a high-powered sniper’s rifle, some fondue forks, a deep-fat fryer and a cage full of hamsters.

I have a dream that one day it will be better.

One day; just for one day, I’d like to live through that day and not go to bed thinking that - spiritually at least – I can feel the cooling trickle of Gordon Brown’s genetic code darkening the seat of my pyjama pants.

One day; just for one day I’d like to think that the Conservatives, the heirs of Disraeli, Churchill and Thatcher might have a clue; perhaps clue enough to oppose the man and the party that have bankrupted Britain and who mean to do so much more to harm the car boot sale of its surviving economy, and that their top leaders would show enough gumption, enough nous (and this is the leaders of a party whose basic, fundamental, simple-to-understand philosophy means ‘step away from the really, really stupid stuff that always hurts and use the things that you can see actually working) to pin some kind of blame on him and to promise without apologizing to do something different and stick to it, rather than giving the impression that they’d be more gainfully employed fellating farmyard animals on late night reality TV.

One day; just for one day in what’s left of 2008 or even in all of 2009 (I’m a patient person), I’d like to see someone very senior and who owns part of the government’s responsibility to protect us from violent mass murder and who controls one department or another whose budget runs into the billions recognise that an ideology exists whose thirteen-hundred year mission from God is to subjugate all of mankind into complete and unbroken obedience, and I'd like to see him acknowledge the idea that during those thirteen centuries of war and oppression, no powerful group or sect within Islam has sustained anything but minor modifications on the universal suppression thing, and that petro-dollar-rich death-cult fantasists are not exactly the same as falafel-eating ecumenical Anglicans would be, and that such a minister or official might adjust defence or security policy to acknowledge that situation in some kind of co-ordinated and, yes, sustainable way that is not girded around with apologies for the cultural insensitivities that might taint or characterize any government action intended to avoid getting some of the rest of us killed.

One day; just for one day I’d like to see one influential part of the multi-billion pound Welfare State actually perform one simple task with consistency and without making things worse, such as protecting a child who for whatever reasons (and let’s not be ungentlemanly here and blame, oh, to pick a scapegoat totally at random say "the Left") appears to have briefly lived in a man-made hell on earth.

I’m not saying that I expect such an organisation to have anything useful to say about how such a hell was created in the first place despite the oceans of money that have been spent over past decades to improve the lot of the poor, or how or even whether such a hell might be modified let alone abolished (one must be realistic, after all; wide-screen TVs with a hundred satellite channels in every hovel in the land is a sustainable and desirable ecological goal, but wiping chocolate off a sick child to check for injuries is just a science fiction pipe-dream). I'd just like to see that someone not yet sacked from such an organisation who might commit to and actually bring about some kind of change from previous cluster-related official behaviour that allows such satanic evil to perpetuate itself, decade after decade unchecked and unchallenged. Just for one day I’d like the senior officials of the welfare state behave as if they were the ultimate, court-of-last-resort protectors of childhood rather than acting as if they're merely the proximate sources of childbirth.


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