Sunday, 22 November 2015


Alright. Enough with the Nazi-bashing, already.

Truth be told, I'm getting sick and tired about all the offensive remarks and the hostile looks I've been getting lately from people (supposedly my friends and neighbours), just because I happened to be an Aryan supremacist.

I mean, it’s not as though I ever did anyone any harm.

So what if I wear the swastika to work? It's a venerable symbol of my race and its proud history. It reminds us about our unmatched achievements in science, art and technology: achievements for which the modern world has yet to show gratitude for the debt that it owes to us:  for early advances in heavy water processing; rocketry and in chemistry. And who doesn't enjoy an ice-cold can of Fanta from time to time, or had his heart warmed by the cheerful antics of Herbie and his friends?

You say all this hostility isn't towards individual Aryans – let alone against our entire folk – but because some people are afraid of what alleged crimes were committed by our predecessors and ancestors. And what so-called crimes are these? Why, preserving Europe’s high culture of music, great literature, philosophy and the natural sciences at a time when our continent had descended into barbarism. The Bolsheviks on one side were perverting such treasures as ballet and cinema to serve their ruthless, genocidal aims and on the other the decadent capitalist West reducing everything pure and good to serve their grubby dreams of profit by the mass production of books and music. And who, I ask, ultimately benefitted from all this tyranny and greed? To date, I don’t see the so-called democracies paying much attention to the most powerful and bloodily active military forces in the Middle East; forces operated by a people who demonize Aryan supremacists 24/7/365 in every aspect of their culture education, and who raise their children from birth to revile our very existence.

I suppose you could make some connection between the regrettable actions of certain European Aryan supremacists in the ‘30s and ‘40s, but you should remember they were fallible individuals reacting to encirclement and carpet bombings and ultimately a brutal and divisive invasion that ended in the death or exile of so many innocent Nazis swept up in events over which they had no control. But you can’t, by which I mean you shouldn’t, take a few words from Mein Kampf and cherry-picked passages from his early speeches to suggest that there is something inherently hostile and violent in the noble creed of Nazism. He cared and inspired others to care about our racial heritage and our right to exist unmolested in our cramped, impoverished and encircled homelands, and merely suggested that lands stolen by foreign conquerors (sorry: by ‘peaceful setters’) be returned to us. How humanitarian can a man be and yet be reviled as evil?

But no-one cares about our scattered folk. We are marginalized; forbidden to teach in schools or universities and kept out of the mainstream media where the pundits and film makers unceasingly revile us as ruthless killers. Our honest attempts to take part in local customs such as elections are met with official rejection and persecution from all your authorities and by violence and threat of violence on the street. Is it a wonder then if a few desperate, lost individuals in their suffering have boiled down our honest creed into a simplistic and violent doctrine removed from the true passion and dignity of our authentic beliefs?

When our women are spat at on the streets of all European and North American cities for wearing the modest costumes of the League of German Maidens and our young men are terrorized and assaulted for wearing their traditional clothing  when attending local rallies, and when Brown Houses across the whole northern hemisphere are vandalised and their inhabitants forced to flee, then what choice have our young people but to cleave this newly-invented dark perversion of our noble beliefs?


Carl Williams said...

Doesn't matter how long the gap between posts, its always worth waiting as always NNW :)

North Northwester said...

Why, thank you Carl, and welcome. I guess you can tell by now that I don't visit my blog that often myself...


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