Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Deniable plausibility

I heartily recommend the film Jurassic World.

Aside from having at least some dialogue that represents the brass and percussion equivalent of a dog-whistle for the non-useless Right: “Progress always wins.” “Maybe progress should lose for once,” it’s a rip-roaring adventure ride with unbelievably believable prehistoric reptiles chowing down as per usual on Hom Sap, and if the storyline and sub-plot lack originality, still.
Wow. Just wow.

But the most interesting and ultimately the most poignant plot device is the suspense built up about just which DNA has been added to the T Rex template to make the new super-hybrid Indomitus Rex the most vicious (and dramatic) hunter-killer of all time. We learn piecemeal that amongst other improvements, invertebrate DNA has been spliced in but are warned (as if with lights and bells) that the last ingredient is ‘classified.’

Can you guess what it might be, dear reader?

Picture from here.


JuliaM said...

So, it's W.A.S.P. DNA then..? ;)

web lol said...

kul post

Shadeburst said...

The biggest dick on earth is a politician but hell hath no fury like a woman scorned so perhaps it's a woman politician who has just lost her seat.


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