Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Another really good reason to say f*ck

Dumb Jon notices the Tory Party bounding like a graceful gazelle from kamikaze attacks on the British nation to hara-kiri as it prepares to eat its own nostril contents on the World Wide Watch.

Can we perhaps step away from the cultural Marxism - ‘cultural Marzxism?’ - of the gay-marriage, Really Believe in Global Warming, Hug-a-Hoodie because the stocks are so uncool maaan Tory Party for a moment? You can’t laugh all day long because someone might notice and cancel your takeaway delivery order of twenty-six 14” thick crust pizzas with everything….

You’ve got to ask yourself just exactly what sort of political i.e. partisan, strategic, public relations reasoning goes on at the party’s highest levels behind this internet-age equivalent of undressing upstairs at night with the lights on and the curtains open.

In what way do the Powder Blues Who Lose imagine that every aspect (real, imagined, speculative, alternative reality and visionary) of this needless persecution will not somehow be plastered across the BBC, the Twitter sphere, the Guardian, the BBC web pages for UK (and for politics), Facebook, the BBC London pages, Channel Four and the BBC gardening and weather sites from now to Election Day?

There will likely be special flowcharts and commentary showing how both Sarah Palin and the IDF are helping the Toriez inflict their very own Night Of The Long Knives on the shrinking democratic UK Right’s equivalent of a gentle giant on his way home from the cigar store: all full of pizza and chocolate and light-heartedly bantering with a Klan cop and surrendering by light-heartedly running towards him in a friendly and non-threatening manner?

Someone might devise a specialist search engine:

But a party that conducts its business in secret and far, far away from its membership and the electors probably reasons that as MacMillan won’t even publish a hardback about l’Affaire Bow Group, who’ll ever know? 


James Higham said...

One is forced to ask that Cleggish type question - is there any point to the Tories any more?

James Higham said...

Have a Merry Christmas.


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