Thursday, 5 June 2014

The silence is settled

Below is a fine example of good old-fashioned factual newspaper reporting; telling the story as it is…with a political sting in the tale.
In these corrupt days when much contemporary ‘journalism’ is hopelessly partisan and therefore editorialized, you’ve got to hand it to The Independent for simply laying out the facts, reporting speech and describing a professional expert’s explanation of the criminal motives for essential context.
I’m not sure quite why one or two irrelevancies were included among the otherwise crisp storytelling, such as the deceased’s place of birth and this self-widowing brute’s harsh attitude to her style of dress, but the names of some of those involved in this tragedy add a certain colour to the tale and nicely complement the Arabian Nights feel that hovers around the killer’s motivation. A Jinn, forsooth!

My only criticism of the article is that without a comments section there’s no opportunity for readers to discuss the inescapably feminist closing paragraph which makes (I’m sure you’ll all agree) one hell of a punch line.

Picture from here.

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James Higham said...

Not so sure I agree about The Independent in general but yes, the comments section is an essential these days. If there's not a comments thread, I click out.


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