Sunday, 16 December 2012

Fast food to take away

Dumb Jon loses the plot again here.

 I think DJ’s commenters are all missing the up side of this, such as the good and wholesome reasons that might justify a grown man abusing and punching an old lady.

   And there will be societal benefits from the court’s act of mercy, too.

   The old lady will receive £100 she might need towards combatting fuel poverty or calling taxis when she goes shopping now that she’s learned her lesson to either be a considerate driver or to get off the road altogether. MISTER Yasin (why, oh why won’t the Daily Mail use respectful naming conventions when referring to some of the most oppressed and vulnerable in our society?) will have repented his temporary loss of self-control during the 14 days when he can no longer drive and emerge from his experience convinced of the underlying justice and good sense of the court system; inspired henceforth to tolerate the shortcomings of other road users no matter how selfish and inconsiderate they might be.

    The court’s gentle touch will also inspire the would-be assailants of a great many potential future victims of the stressed sons of cancer victims to themselves be less assertive towards any oldsters who get in their way from now on, human nature being what it is; a sponge that accepts kindness and consideration and that gives mercy back in gratitude ever after. Just look at the poor man’s guilt-stricken face.

   And, of course, he has retained his job at a fast-food restaurant which, as we all know, is vital to the nation’s economy because proprietors and employees alike pay their fair share of tax and National Insurance; thus supporting public spending and driving down the benefits bill for the other taxpayers.
And such jobs are, of course, so terribly, terribly difficult to come by in this day and age and a custodial sentence might have left him unemployed for a long time.

She put her hand up to his face in a gentle push, but Yasin reacted by lashing out with his hand.
“I know he may say I shouldn’t have put my hand up to his face, but that was only to stop him using the language he did.”

   So she admits to starting it and initiating force is unforgivable except for the victims of generations-old racial and imperialist injustice, so in a sense she got what she deserved. 

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