Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sticks, stones, Tweets, Siberia…

Justice is not only being done (to death) in this country, but is also obscene to be done.

How about this for the legal system being worth every penny we pay for it?

I suppose this is the ultimate triumph of that Enlightenment motto that - like rather a large number of important Enlightenment notions - turns out to be have terms and conditions applying too; that The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword. Mere bone-breaking and arming oneself for gang war is just part of life’s rich pageant, but writing something nasty where other, er, trivia fans can read it; well, that’s fighting talk in these parts Mister.

Curiously, the libs are happy to give a pass to a century and a half of Marxists defaming business-owners and anyone who owns property above the level of, say, the rags, flat caps and clogs they stand up in as responsible for all the world’s evils. The culture of calling people ‘posh and ‘toffs’ and ‘bourgeois,’ or singing the cunts are still running the world , and the power that it brings to such folk was never going to cause any lasting harm or kill more than a hundred million people or so.    

The upside is that, once the smoke from the mass graves of communism settled; not one posh person; kulak; suspect businessman or capitalist was able to tweet any racist remarks and so inspire a lynching is fifty or a hundred years’ time. So that’s okay. We’re saved.

And yet another political prisoner goes to jail for expressing an opinion. Seriously, how well do you think we’re doing in this country?  

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Anonymous said...

The fall of the UK through lack of immigration control & assimilation. Cultural diversity is now the death of the original culture.


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