Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pakis, Polacks, planks and EMPs

Readers will be aware by now that I’m by no means politically correct in matters of race and nationality; in fact I’m so ethnically aware that my vocabulary contains fifty different words for eskimo. However, I was not aware until today that followers of the Religion of Peace and other overseas visitors seeking our taxpayers’ generous hospitality were also equipped with preferential electromagnetic pulse phones that let them jump to the top of the telephone call queue at Job Centre Plus; fiendish Orientals that they are.

This is from Yahoo Local. Read ‘em and weep.

Jobcentre Plus
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(01524) 302100
67 Queen Street Heron House, Morecambe, LA4 5HW

poor performance 04 December 2006
By william h - See william h's reviews
tried telephoning several times but to no avail, do they actually answer the telephone? maybe it would be differant if i was a muslim or asylum seeker , i would get prompt service
Visit Date: December 2006

Nail on head 17 February 2012
By a Yahoo! user
You are F***ING right there,this country makes me F***ING sick.

I can handle it when I’m accused of stirring up the Hateful Racist Legions of Hateful Haters: I’d not consider I was doing my job properly if our port-side pals didn’t mention the fact from time to time but - sweet mercy! – what are they teaching young bigots today?

A six year gap is a pretty representative timescale for people in Morecambe actually looking for work, by the way.

Picture from here.
Rigorous fact-checking and journalistic integrity comparable to the best of the BBC and New York Times here.

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