Saturday, 24 July 2010

Shared skitless

TJAT’s going on its holidays for a month or two, as I’m taking a blogging break for the rest of the summer.

In brief, thank you all for your many kind (and your rarer less-than-kind) comments and links, hat-tips and references. You can go away right now if you like.

I have an outside chance of doing something a bit more concrete in the culture wars and perhaps even to be paid for it and so I’m going to spend a couple of months giving it a try.
Blogging’s got to end while I try and sort that out because I can’t share my time with everything I’d like to do, so this is my apology for the few but lovely regular readers who have been kind and patient enough to visit this page and glance at my skits and prattles.

Other more successful and sharper bloggers than have recently taken a break, and I’m encouraged to join them in the Dextroshphere’s Chiltern Hundreds.

If as I hope I come back, then I’ll be trying to achieve something a bit more positive and punchy with this blog than before, and perhaps to finally try to make Citizens and Neighbours do the job I intended it to do, God willing. I’ll also read the book about the panda and try to get my colons and semi-colons right at last.

This tiny propaganda blog’s sabbatical will make little difference to the great army of patriotic, freedom-loving and justice-seeking conservative and traditionalist posters: an army of which I am merely one of the privates – in every sense of that word.

You’re good company, my friends, and so many of you prove every day that the citizen politician can stand against the powers of entropy and stupidity and make a difference; lifting the spirits and cheering the soul in the search for justice and decency and hoping to find a way back to what we have lost, abandoned, or given away for a pot of message.

Like Tony Blair and the poor, I shall always be with you, reading as much of your wisdom and humour as I can, and if I don’t make it back for some reason then goodbye. Though I'd prefer to be like Arnie.

Except for the RINO bit, obviously.

Whatever, fare well.

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Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Have a great break - I'm off as well for a week or two.

I hope you return to blog NNW - you are on my read list and your posts are thought provoking and humourous.

JuliaM said...

"I have an outside chance of doing something a bit more concrete in the culture wars and perhaps even to be paid for it and so I’m going to spend a couple of months giving it a try. "

Excellent! I do hope it goes well, and look forward to your return.

James Higham said...

I just get over here in time for you to depart. Typical.

Have a good one.

CherryPie said...

Good luck with your endeavors :-)

GCooper said...

Good Luck, NNW!

Hope you manage to make a go of whatever it is. I'll be keeping an eye open for your distinctive (and always enjoyable) style!

Craig said...

Yes, good luck North Northwester. A break from blogging is no bad thing for the blogger but the itch to blog won't go away when there are plenty of good causes to scratch away at and words (of which you are a master) to scratch away at them with.

Thud said...

OK...thats enough now...back to work please!

North Northwester said...

Thanks everyone: sorry I've been away so for long, and I've only just looked at the old blog again and hence these kind words of yours.
Your good wishes were kind, but I really did think I might be ending it for keeps.
better bloggers than me have done so of late, though some have come back.
It was fun occasionally visiting other blogs and commnting "in person", but I feel the need to hit back a little bit again at our owners and master from time to time - albeit in a simpler and lazier format.

If you want, you can follow the big link on North Northwester's newest farewell tour post.

Me, Frank Sinatra, and Evel Knievel - what is it about us bad pennies?


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