Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The 140th of July

One hundred and forty!


More isolated incidents in July so far from the world’s largest and most active tiny minority of unrepresentative extremists.

Date            Country        City        Killed   Injured    Description
 2010.07.06 Pakistan    Karachi 1            0             A Shia civilian is killed by Sunni gunmen.  
 2010.07.06 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two women are brutally shot to death by Jihadis passing by in a car.  
 2010.07.06 Afghanistan Ghazni 6 0 Six construction workers are kidnapped by Sunni hardliners and then murdered in captivity.  
 2010.07.06 Iraq Baghdad 6 37 Six Shiite pilgrims are dismembered by Sunni bombers in three attacks.  
 2010.07.05 Chechnya Vedensky 1 2 A Russian serviceman is assassinated by Mujahideen gunmen.  
 2010.07.05 Nigeria Jos 3 0 Three Christian farmers are brutally slain in a 'mindless' attack by militant Muslims.  
  2010.07.05 Yemen Hadramout 2 3 An al-Qaeda ambush leaves two locals soldiers dead.    2010.07.05 Pakistan Lower Dir 1 14 One person is killed by a suicide car bomber.    2010.07.05 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 A tribal elder is gunned down by Islamic militants.    2010.07.05 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 54-year-old Christian father of three bleeds to death after Islamists bomb his car in a targeted attack.  
 2010.07.05 Somalia Labadhagah 8 0 Rival Islamic groups clash, leaving eight dead in drive-by assassinations.    
2010.07.05 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A Sunni is handcuffed and murdered by suspected al-Qaeda.    2010.07.04 Iraq Mosul 2 4 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out two Iraqis.    
2010.07.04 Pakistan Kalat 4 7 Sectarian Jihadis open fire on a vehicle carrying day laborers, taking down four.    
2010.07.04 Afghanistan Helmand 5 8 Four children are among five innocents blown to bits by Taliban bombers at a market.    
2010.07.04 Iraq Baqubah 2 0 Two brothers are gunned down by Muslim terrorists.    2010.07.04 Iraq Ramadi 4 23 Women and children are among the casualties when a female suicide bomber blows herself outside a building entrance.    
2010.07.04 India Kerala 0 1 A Christian professor has his forearm and hand hacked off by Muslims for the alleged crime of insulting Muhammad.    
2010.07.04 Ingushetia Magas 2 4 Islamists murder two Russian soldiers in a brutal ambush.    
2010.07.04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Suspected Mujahid shoot a young child in the head and chest.    2010.07.04 Thailand Yala 2 3 Two people are killed when Islamic insurgents detonate a bomb outside a school.    
2010.07.03 Yemen Batis 1 0 al-Qaeda kidnap and execute a local intelligence officer.    2010.07.03 Nigeria Kizachi 5 0 A school teacher and mother of six are among five Christians brutally executed in their homes by Muslim raiders.    
2010.07.03 Pakistan Khyber 2 5 Islamic militants kill two locals with a bomb.    2010.07.03 Pakistan Gurguri 4 7 Four security personnel are murdered by Taliban roadside bombers.    
2010.07.02 Thailand Yala 3 0 Jihadis take out three school guards with a roadside blast on their vehicle.    
2010.07.02 Afghanistan Kunduz 5 20 Six Shahid suicide bombers target a humanitarian agency, murdering five innocents.    
2010.07.02 Kosovo Mitrovica 1 10 Muslims throw a grenade into a pro-Serb rally, killing one participant.    
2010.07.02 Iraq Mandali 1 0 A pregnant woman is found dead from a suspected honor killing.    
2010.07.02 Iraq Ramadi 1 0 A Sunni scholar is murdered by sectarian rivals.    2010.07.02 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Sunnis fire from a moving car on a Shia scholar, killing him on the spot.    
2010.07.02 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 46-year-old man is gunned down by Muslim radicals while riding home.    2010.07.02 Pakistan Khyber 3 2 Islamic hardliners execute three local soldiers and keep two others in captivity.    2010.07.01 Pakistan Quetta 2 1 Two young girls die from splinter injuries suffered in a grenade attack on their home.    2010.07.01 Pakistan Lahore 44 175 Over forty Sufi worshippers are blown to bits in their own mosque by Sunni bombers.    
2010.07.01 India Kupwara 2 0 Islamic militants shoot two Indian soldiers to death during an infiltration attempt from Pakistan.    
2010.07.01 Iraq Samarrah 1 2 One person is killed in their own home by sectarian bombers.    
2010.07.01 Thailand Narathiwat 5 0 Civilians are among five shot to pieces at point-blank range by Muslim radicals while riding in a truck.    2010.07.01 Iraq Baghdad 1 9 A Sunni leader is killed by a bomb planted by suspected a Shia militia.    
2010.07.01 Yemen Zinjibar 1 0 al-Qaeda gunmen assassinate a local official.    
2010.07.01 India Udhampur 1 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen abduct a civilian, then shoot him as he is trying to escape.    
Hey, and  just how many Israeli soldiers or US drone srtikes or Jews in general are there running around Chechnya, Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia, India, Ingushetia, (where?) preventing all those otherwise impeccably liberal, woman-respecting, other-embracing followers of The Religion Of Peace from getting on calmly generating new sources of wealth and settling peacefully amongst their neighbours (both old and new) in a spirit of traditional multicultural toleration, compassion and mercy?

And if you scroll on down to June I think you’ll find evil Canadian teenagers preventing Enlightenment liberalism reaching the four corners of the world’s youngest and edgiest Abrahamic faith.

But who can concentrate on such corrupt modern notions as equality before the law and the rights of the individual when 1 ship in 6 of a ‘peace convoy’ was searched?

It’s just not humanly possible or psychologically realistic to expect such abstract thinking from the faithful.
Don’t you just love the thought of the Royal Winnipeg Analysts trying to talk the misunderstood and troubled Taliban out of its immigrant trauma?

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James Higham said...

I wonder about the minds of these people - what motivates them and what they're thinking at the time. How much of the brain is being utilized [as a percentage].


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