Monday, 5 October 2009

Orinoco The Impaler

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

It didn’t turn out like that here after the Cold War. Yet.

This little gem is from the Jewish Chronicle, and concerns our old pal Michael Jackson, RIP.

Jackson: I could have changed Hitler

Michael Jackson spoke of his admiration and love for Hitler the showman, newly discovered recordings have revealed.

Jackson, who died in June aged 50, recorded over 30 hours of conversation with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach eight years ago.

He spoke of his belief that he could have rehabilitated Hitler and said: Hitler was a genius orator. To make that many people turn and change and hate he had to be a showman and he was.

Rabbi Boteach replies: "You believe that if you had an hour with Hitler you could somehow touch something inside of him?".

The singer replied: responded: "Absolutely. I know I could."

Rabbi Boteach has now made the recordings into a book The Michael Jackson Tapes.

He said of Jackson: He yearned so deeply to do good with his life but was ultimately consumed by indescribable loneliness and pain.

Amongst the recordings, Jackson also revealed his wish to date Princess Diana, and how he wanted to hug Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, the killers of two-year-old James Bulger.

I don't think that the Jewish Chronicle can have missed anything significant out of this account: except the obvious that Rabbi Boteach clearly A) has the patience of a saint, and B) is an excellent businessman.

Anybody want to argue that Michael Jackson was in any way a conservative?

(Life isnt fair #2817. Can you imagine just how big this story would be if a serving British soldier, any white mainstream Christian clergyman or any businessman who was not a political class supporter had spoken of his admiration and love for Hitler the showman? The end of it we would never hear.)

Jackson wasn’t powerless; after his death many thousands of people proclaimed their admiration and love for the man, and he received acres of press stating how he inspired entire generations, etc. He had influence, and in this case, he added a great deal of candy floss to the thinking of thousands, and maybe millions of fans.

He sang and danced well. He sold soppy records. He was an eccentric and talented entertainer for the same millions reasons that he wasn’t a child abuser. He expressed daft ideas asking can’t we all be friends? and had himself filmed as some kind of musical totalitarian messiah and ambassador to the uncrowned empty heads of Europe.

He thought he could have talked Hitler round in an hour.

Get that? The notion does not seem to have occurred to him that Hitler might have been irredeemably evil: either bad to the bone and the product of centuries of European anti-Semitism or just an amoral opportunist who picked an electoral winner and ended up killing millions.

Amoral speaks to amoral, I suppose.

If it’s okay to consider redeeming and child-murderers by hugging (and even I think that those two boys could very well have improved their behaviour during their years inside the criminal justice system), then logically it isn’t so long a step to talking even the Left’s biggest all-time male hate figure into believing what Jackson seems to have thought - that were all the same and in need of love, a hug, and maybe a pair of tight trousers over white-socked pointy shoes?

Pretty much anyone outside the magic circle who even hints that they like sauerkraut is fit up by the wise for a pair of jackboots and a knapsack load of Zyklon B, but dancing boy makes Stalin-like statue videos of himself and it’s somehow just a big laugh.

But it isn’t just a laugh.

Evil: the conscienceless urge to power: to dominate, oppress or destroy whole populations doesn’t really exist in this one subset of the Left. As Dumb Jon often writes; if liberals ever denounce vampires as a right-wing myth, start laying in the wooden stakes.

Jackson was the liberal gestalt down to his last amino acid molecule and single-width Lego brick.

Denying the existence of evil in all its strength and its eternal appeal is the liberal Trojan Horse to real totalitarianism. This pose, when translated into votes and media messages and hopeful editorials helps to let totalitarianism creep in sometimes with a bang and sometimes with a whimper. Filmed as a science fiction special effects blockbuster this idea would probably be the shortest space horror movie of all time and over in about two minutes: Aliens versus Wombles.

This is how millions of people productive, intelligent people can decide to ignore Barack Obama’s lifelong associations with people hostile to the US military, any use of force by the democracies at all, and who, to this very day, ignore or tolerate his cosying up with the Honduran would-be president for life, and Hugo Chavez the democracy hater, the Castros, the ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’, and resetting US foreign policy with Putin’s Tsarist/Soviet Russia the year after it invaded Georgia. This attitude and belief system – call it three monkeys optimism - comes from somewhere: it sure as hell doesn’t come from any even halfway clear reading of history or knowledge of human nature – even the often instructive playground level. It comes from the culture. Which is where Michael comes in.

So a man who had all his melanin removed and then migrated to live in the sun-scorched Middle East pronounced that 60 minutes of his goodwill could convert a colossal psychopath into pursuing fluffy liberalism, and we’re not all outraged as well as laughing about it?

Our Left and the American Left huff and puff about the allegedly apocalyptic and war-generating fantasies of ‘Christian Bible Fundamentalists’, but if Obama chanelling Earth Song by offering ‘tougher sanctions on Iran’ is what stands between us and nuclear annihilation, then I’d rather stand with - and be protected by - people who know evil when they see it. So what if they happen to believe that Barney The Dinosaur is less than ten thousand years old? I'd much rather be with them than be anywhere near to, let alone have my security negotiated over by, people who happen to believe in Barney The Dinosaur’s policies.

Because as it turns out the boot stamping on the human face forever is looking an awful lot like a sandal just now.


Mac the Knife said...

"...cosying up with the Honduran would-be president for life, Hugo Chavez"

Er, Venezualan...

Otherwise - yup.

North Northwester said...

Mac, on second glimpse at earlier draughts, I put something like what I have now put: "cosying up with the Honduran would-be president for life, and Hugo Chavez the democracy hater, the Castros, " Honduran would-be president for life being Manuel Zelaya trying to get another term and recommence the Latin American cycle of dictatorship.
I really should write more clearly, shouldn't I?
Thanks for the heads up, though!

banned said...

On the subject of "the product of centuries of European anti-Semitism " isn't it time we stopped blaming just one evil man ( Hitler ) for Europes mid 20th century crisis and remind ourselves that poor little Poland was also an anti-Jewish facist state with France not far behind. Hitler empowered anti-Semites, he did not create them.

James Higham said...

Michael Jackson and Hitler - mind boggles.

North Northwester said...

Hi Banned. Thanks for your comment.

Well, I for one don't blame Hitler solely for anti-Semitism, hence "centuries of European anti-Semitism" bit. Christendom long blamed the Jews for Jesus' death, and in a few places some Christians still do - but very few in the Reformed West these days, I think. Islam, of course, has it up to the gills to this day.

I'm not so sure about the Polish anti-Semitic fascism thing: not because some of it didn't happen, the boycotts and all, but because its extent and extremity were much less, of course, than what led to the Holocaust. What could be nearly as bad, outside Islamofascist plans afoot in Iran and no doubt Pakistan!

I also question the depth of anti-Semitism in the Polish character because the Soviets and their western sympathisers and agents made much of it over the decades leading to he fall of the Iron Curtain.

It was used:
A) to absolve the Reds from their joint invasion of Poland alongside the Nazis,
B) to hide utterly Stalin's own anti-Semitic purges agasint 'rootless cosmopolitans,'
C)to slander Polish Israelis such as Menachem Begin during the Cold War as little better than the Nazis, and
D) to demoralize the West in its support for Solidarity and the other anti-Soviet freedom movements in the 1980s and 1990s.

Of course a thing can be true and still be used by evil men: the Devil can quote scripture to serve his own ends and all that, but given the very tainted source, I've tended to take such stories with a truckload of Siberian salt.

Still, I live and learn, and will read up more on it.

AgainsTTheWall said...

"...that Hitler might have been irredeemably evil: either bad to the bone and the product of centuries of European anti-Semitism or just an amoral opportunist who picked an electoral winner and ended up killing millions. "

Oop its cartoon time!

North Northwester said...

Welcome AgainsTTheWall, and thanks for your comment.
Um, I'm trying to understand it, but with only my brain to help me. Perhaps you're going to have to draw me a picture. Pretty please?


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