Monday, 5 October 2009

Liberal stance on violent bigotry 100% consistent

Only joking!

Here we have our philosopher kings’ judgement on keeping convicted terrorists in for longer period: it’ll make them worse.

UP to 30 “high-risk” terrorists — including some of the most dangerous men in Britain — are due to be released from jail in the next year.

More are being freed in the wake of a ruling by Britain’s most senior judges that long sentences for terrorist crimes could “inflame” rather than deter extremism.

It seems that the longer you keep them in, the harder they are treated, the more likely Muslims are to become ‘militants.’

Rahman, a key Al-Qaeda player, recruited disaffected Muslims from northern England to fight British troops in Afghanistan.

The judges stated: “Care has to be taken to ensure that the sentence was not disproportionate to the facts of the particular offences. If sentences were imposed which were more severe than the circumstances of the particular case warranted, that would be likely to inflame rather than deter extremism.”

Got it? The nastier you treat people like this, the sooner their pals will resort to violence and ‘militancy.’ Liberal logic goes: if you make martyrs of Islamists terrorists by keeping them off the street and away from weapons for longer rather than shorter periods, then the more likely their chums on the outside are to become martyrs, and blow up civilians, fight British soldiers, etc.

And anyway, everyone knows that ‘Islamist’ militancy is down to the West’s exploitation of Muslim oil reserves and cheap labour, the illegal war against Iraq, and deep and universal Muslim concern for the human rights of the Palestinians in the occupied West bank, Jerusalem Gaza, and Tulsa.

Besides, early release shows that the West can, under the properly controlled circumstances of having liberals in charge of everything, be a gentle and kindly place for Muslims, and so they forgive us, move on, settle down, and blend in.

Okay, maybe that doesn’t work, but the principle’s fine and goes right back in liberal history to Rosseau and the French Revolution.

Anyway, here are Muslims who have never known the horror of Britain’s oppressive anti-terrorist laws in grateful peaceful protest.

Here they are protesting against the West’s exploitation of Muslim oil supplies and cheap labour:

…on September 11, 2009, a Muslim mob severely injured three Christians and ransacked two churches in Senbete, a town in the western Arsi zone of Ethiopia

Damn those oil-stealing missionaries: damn them to hell.

Here they are showing restraint and compassion in India by activists protesting against violence against men, women and children murdered by Israeli soldiers, only to be beaten back by draconian ‘anti-terrorist’ laws.

Militants often demand food and lodging in nearby villages.

When they forced their way into Miss Kausar’s home, her father Noor Mohammad refused their demands and was attacked.

His daughter was hiding under a bed when she heard him crying as the gunmen thrashed him with sticks.

You can clearly see the connection between caring attitudes towards ‘terror’ detainees and the reduction of militancy at work here.

And here they are remembering that Islam is a deeply peaceful and tolerant faith, from which it requires Wester-originated horrors to get any kind of a rise: let alone violence, as the war against the Iraqi people is carefully analyzed and thoroughly critiqued.

Former Muslim receiving death threats

Sabri Husibi, a former Muslim who is now an atheist, says he has been ostracized and threatened with death since publication of a Tulsa World article Saturday in which he was critical of Islam and all other religions.

God only knows how much worse things would be in Tulsa if convicted terrorists were kept in prison even longer.

But, whereas persecution of Muslims (read lawful imprisonment for terrorist acts following scrupulously fair trials) is the chief cause of militancy, radicalization and loss of community cohesion, it’s important to remove the livelihoods and at the same time leave at liberty knuckle -dragging neo-Nazis who are just waiting to start sending the crammed cattle trucks east.

Members of the British National party could be banned from the teaching profession after Ed Balls today ordered an inquiry into racism in schools.

The very idea of some beliefs being held in private by people who come into contact with children threatens the end of the world.

I suppose that the government’s racist message here is that while white British people can only learn useful lessons from, for example, losing their jobs after committing no crimes at all, on the other hand the ignorant old primitive Muslims, well, they just get ornery if you keep their most sophisticated theologians locked up for trivial and indeed religiously mandated acts of bravery.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes Blog and The Religion of Peace

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