Saturday, 24 October 2009

Expect The Reaper

Didn't get much chance to blog or surf yesterday or to read anything but the headlines on the dead tree press at service station shops. One tabloid headline was something like 'a disgrace to humanity', and the Telegraph's front page article stated that Nick Griffin used his place on Question Time to 'attack Islam.'

I'd like to know how many airliners full of commuters, cars full of explosives and NHS doctors or rockets he used to attak Islam.

The BNP is largely the creation of the political class in general and the New Labour core in particular.

As Labour abandoned its working class roots for a rainbow coalition led by middle-class cultural Marxists and encouraged formerly civilised banks to prey upon the natural acquisitiveness of human beings by abandoning Mr. Major's financial controls, our rulers - with their typical sense of humour - allowed the EU to compel an open doors immigration policy on Her Majesty's County Council regarding the Continent and practised a de facto one regarding the rest of the world, to conduct endless experiments with intrusive and job-destroying legislation, to raise a worthless, workless mob over those men and women who still seek to support themeslves and feed their own families, degraded every national symbol of unity, cohesion, and pride, defamed any criticism of the project as tantamount to genocidal xenophobia, and at the same time contrived to install every centrifugal force into 'national' assemblies in all but the English heartland, and expected...what?

And as for the rest of the jokers; our PC political class, what of them?

The Tories are so enthralled to bending over in the shower for their Etonian dictator that they sat meekly by as he sacked an ex-army officer for the temerity of suggesting that some black recruits use their race as an excuse for underperformance in basic training. He elevated Baroness Warsi as his spokesperson on why British soldiers are terrorists... And as for the 'Liberal' 'Democrats....' Well, they just go along for the ride as far as I can tell.

National bankruptcy matters. Immigration matters. Nationhood matters. British customs, laws and morals matter. To people.
But for the jokers - only their collectivist, post-moral 'morality' matters.

As you sow, so shall you reap.


GCooper said...

I find myself puzzled by the affectations of wide-eyed astonishment displayed now that one of ZaNu's planners has admitted what we have known for over a decade - that mass immigration was a calculated act of sabotage from the very start.

I distinctly recall Angela Eagles up on her hind legs braying that this was, indeed, the aim, back in the early, glory days of 'things can only get better, innit?'.

Opening the flood gates was, quite clearly, a Gramscian plan to change the make-up of the country irrevocably and render it incapable of ever again electing a Right wing government.

The Tories were too fearful and too craven to say anything, thus creating the vacuum happily expanded into by Grffin and Co.

That may not be an accident, either.

With the Tories flapping around like a wet paper bag and the BNP unlikely to win a knobbly knees contest, let alone a general election, ZaNu, despite its criminal incompetence, will survive for log enough for their comrades in the EU to make whoever wins that election a complete irrelevance.

James Higham said...

As ye sow ...

That's right and it's coming back to bite them on the bum.


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