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And as part of our ongoing feature: ‘Labour’s Britain, Twelve Years of Glory’ today we look at three key areas where Labour’s enlightened and omnipresent rule has undoubtedly changed the lives of millions – and continues to do so!

Concentrating here on just one small part of the UK, and reading from real-life news reports from mainstream media sources over a few short weeks, today’s article shows us just how deeply Labour’s overall philosophy of fairness, equality, justice, mercy, strangeness and charm have effected the way we live today.

We’re confident that our three examples of how Labour’s enlightened approached to crime and punishment has helped to promote other key policy areas will be an education, education, education!

Here we start with their work in the area of health, or as Labour spells it, ‘NHS.’

Key achievements:

  • Waiting lists are down by 614,000 since 1997. Most patients are now waiting less than 13 weeks, and by the end of this year nobody will wait more than 18 weeks for treatment.
  • Over 99% of suspected cancer patients are seen by a specialist within two weeks of being referred by their GP, and over 99% of cancer patients start their treatment within a month of diagnosis.
  • Over 38,000 more doctors and 80,000 more nurses since Labour came to power.
  • Investment in the NHS has trebled since 1997.
  • Labour has built over 90 new NHS walk-in centres and over 650 one-stop primary care centres, and is investing £750 million in a new generation of modern, convenient community hospitals.
  • Cancer mortality rates in under-75s have decreased by 17.1 per cent since 1996, saving nearly 9,000 lives in 2006 compared to 1996. We are saving 31,000 lives from cardiovascular diseases every year compared to 1996.

Not only that, dear reader, but Labour’s law-and-order policies are helping to cut down on smoking-related deaths such as lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema ..but not brain damage quite yet.

Thugs kicked man's head like a 'football'

September 10, 2009

THREE drunken yobs who beat a man into a coma because he didn't have a cigarette have been jailed.
Minshull Street Crown Court heard how Spencer Mullen, Westley Hiorns and Michael Atherton set upon Martin Brammall 'like a pack of wolves' following a night out in Hazel Grove.
The savage attack left Mr Brammall, 26, of Offerton, fighting for his life after suffering a severe brain bleed.
Following the attack he spent four weeks in hospital and the court heard he still has problems with his speech.
Mr Brammall was about to get a taxi home when Hiorns, 27, of Colbourne Grove, Hattersley, asked him for a cigarette.
When Mr Brammall did not have one to give him, Hiorns set upon him with Mullen, 21, of Eccles Bridge Road, Marple, and Atherton, 21, of Watermeetings Lane, Romiley joining in.
The court heard that at one point Mullen struck Mr Brammall's head like he was 'kicking a football 40 yards' and jumped two feet into the air to stamp on it.
Judge Jonathan Foster jailed Mullen, Hiorns and Atherton for seven and a half, six and a half and six years respectively.
He said: "This is yet another case of mindless drunken violence."

See? Smoking can damage your health and so under Labour there are many people willing to take it away before you hurt yourself with it.

Smoking can give you wrinkles, - and so can living for a long time. What has Labour done for the senior citizens?

As Labour proudly boasts on its website:-

Key achievements:

  • A million pensioners have been lifted out of poverty since 1997
  • We are spending around £12 billion more on pensioners in real terms than under the Tory years
  • We have brought in the £200 Winter Fuel Allowance for over 60s and free TV licences for over-75s
  • This year Labour has provided an additional one-off payment for 12 million people alongside the Winter Fuel Allowance to help with rising fuel bills - with an extra £100 for the over 80s and an extra £50 for the over-60s, on top of the existing Winter Fuel Allowance
  • We have given carers of elderly or disabled people the right to request flexible working
  • We have legislated to tackle unfair age discrimination in the workplace
  • Average pensioner incomes from the state are up by 25 per cent, more than the rise in earnings over the last decade

Not only that, but Labour’s enlightened approach to the justice system has helped encourage the old folks to gather together, huddled (if not in masses), then at least congregating in ever-closer union, in privacy, behind locked doors.

Worshippers to be locked in to avoid thieves

September 09, 2009

WORSHIPPERS at a Stockport church will be locked inside during Sunday services to stop 'heathen' thieves stealing their belongings while they pray.

The extreme measure, at Heaton Mersey Congregational Church, on Mersey Road, comes after crooks sneaked inside and pinched keys to cars, which were then driven off, on Wednesday evening (September 2).

It was the latest in a line of thefts that has left the congregation outraged and includes lace curtains from the toilet and even loo roll.

Now whenever members are at the church they will lock the door behind them and anyone who is late will have to ring a bell to be let in.

Graham Alsop, church treasurer, said "We are going to lock the door for all church-related activities and that will have to include Sundays.

“It is a devil having to do that but that is the world we live in.

"The church is actually upstairs so we can't see who is coming in. You would think some places would be sacred and not targeted by this sort of thing, we were horrified."

A whist drive was being held when the thieves sneaked into the church cloakroom between 6.45-9.45pm and stole six coats. They found keys to a Nissan Micra and a Nissan Almera, specially adapted for its elderly disabled owner.

Arthur Bradley, 70, an ex-policeman who had the Micra pinched, said: "Someone said the coats had been stolen so I looked outside and realised the car had gone. The fact I'm an ex-policeman adds extra insult.

"If someone can stoop this low it makes you wonder what sort of person they are. They certainly have no shame."

Police have appealed for witnesses to the thefts and hit out at those responsible.

Detective Inspector Kevin Dolan, from Stockport CID, said: "It is a sad state of affairs when you can't go to a church without having your pockets rifled through.

"These thieves are sacrilegious heathens but no matter where you are you should not leave property unattended."

What could be more important than the young ones? And so under Labour, the teaching of life skills and the proper good attitudes to their fellow persons has been a number one priority for this government – just like all the other ones.

Key achievements:

  • Labour has doubled the amount spent per pupil since 1997 from £2,900 to over £5,850 today.
  • Labour has delivered over 39,000 more teachers and 174,000 more teaching assistants than in 1997. This investment has enabled 100,000 more 11 year olds to master literacy and 93,000 more to master numeracy since 1997. Today, 81 per cent of 11 year olds reach the expected level in English and 78 per cent in Maths.
  • Labour has seen 470,000 more young people gain five or more good GCSEs. The proportion of young people achieving five or more good GCSEs is up by over 15 per cent since 1997.
  • Over 1,100 new schools have been rebuilt or newly built. Labour is committed to rebuilding or refurbishing every secondary school and half of all primary schools in the coming years.

Especially numeracy.

Raid gunman counted out bullets

Alex Scapens
August 19, 2009

RESTAURANT staff were threatened with their own knives while a gunman counted out his bullets in a horrific armed robbery.
Steve Pilling, who swapped swanky city centre restaurants for a `quieter life' at Damson, in Heaton Moor, Stockport, has told how three masked men burst into its kitchen just after midnight.
With a gun pointing at them, two of his staff were frogmarched upstairs. One was ordered to empty the safe or the other would be shot.
The remaining eight lay terrified on the ground as knives found in the kitchen drawers were held against them before the gang escaped with cash from the till and safe.
Mr Pilling used to own Sam's Chop House and Mr Thomas' Chop House in Manchester. He opened Damson in April.

Quieter life

He said: "We are all really nervous since it happened. They pulled the cartridge out of the gun and showed the bullets. One of the staff was told to empty the safe or they would shoot.
"It was intimidating. Nothing like this happened in the city centre. We didn't have an armed robbery.
"I needed a hip operation six months ago which was a big influence in opening here for a quieter pace of life.
"I don't regret it as long as things don't get any worse. You can't let these people get you out, I will fight on. The customers are appalled."
The robbery happened at the end of the night's work when the kitchen door was open to let cool air in. The masked men left the same way.
The raiders wore dark clothes and balaclavas and were all under 20.
Insp Terry Sweeney said: "These were determined thugs. We want to hear from anyone who saw people or a vehicle loitering outside the restaurant."

Nothing wrong with that chap's numeracy skills - and under severe workplace pressure, too.

Sweet revenge via Julia. Great article and exemplar link number one is so sweet.

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