Tuesday, 22 September 2009

In a nutshell

Via Biased BBC I notice with great envy that someone has put the arguments for Israel's existence and self-defence in a nutshell: a near-perfect precis of that suffering nation's long ancient history and its short and heroic recent one.

The author is an interesting character: a lifestyle/success guru: gay, witty and no doubt rich, and a proponent of something called Neuro-linguistic programming which Wikipedia says that conventional or establishment psychiatry rejects or criticises as junk. Not an obvious Tory hero.

When the medical profession in the UK urges us to follow alcohol consumption levels invented on the spot for politicians' use, but which peddles this fiction as scientific fact in the private as well as the public sectors, I don't feel too intimidated that an established interest ignores something based on unfashionable research.

Given that the NHS-controlled medical profession killed both my parents and damn near killed my wife and daughter I'm prepared to give the guru's USP a pass on the 'doesn't pass peer review' thing.

Whether he's a snake oil salesman or not [and I honestly don't know] he seems to understand that the simplest of issues are indeed simple issues, and if his opinion clashes with a worldwide political class that proclaims that a cooling climate in getting hotter, and that high taxation, spending and debasement of currency are good for the world economy, then I suggest you give him a go.

Some truths are so simple that once they have been expressed then that expression can scarcely be improved upon.

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