Monday, 7 September 2009

The end of the beginning?

A small victory but a significant one.

President Obama's truther eco-freak resigns as green energy Czar.

A little gloating here from Gateway Pundit.

Add reminders from Mark Steyn of both how shallow and how much of a whack-job commie he was.

Glenn Beck statement on resignation of Van Jones

September 6, 2009 - 18:38 ET

The American people stood up and demanded answers. Instead of providing them, the Administration had Jones resign under cover of darkness. I continue to be amazed by the power of everyday Americans to initiate change in our government through honest questioning, and judging by the other radicals in the administration, I expect that questioning to continue for the foreseeable future.

It's a good thing that this dingbat's gone, but there are plenty more and leading Obama's slow-motion coup d'etat.

I just hope that HopeandChange Cassidy hasn't just wriggled out of a nasty mess here.


James Higham said...

Glenn Beck is kidding himself if he thinks that real change can be implemented by the voice of the people.

LL said...

The other three dozen (and counting) czars are still in place.

So is the petty, venal, utopian socialist administration that put them in place and wrangled an 800 billion "stimulus package" that constituted political pay-offs to other disaffected communists and freaks.

JuliaM said...

"...Obama's slow-motion coup d'etat."

Hey, they told me if I was a good girl, my dreams would all come true!

They were sort of right... ;)

North Northwester said...

James - well, it is a small win, and I hope I'm not naively underestimating the forces ranged against liberty and the good life, but if we think of Obama's election as Dunkirk, we could be looking at a kind of Tobruk moment. He' still in charge and very powerful, but his favourites can be stopped.

One down and, as LL says, many more to go. And the unions own the US car industry. Watch them kill the carcase and see if they get a penny more.
I reckon that Sarah Palin's 'death panel coinage' will be big help in keeping the State out of medicine in the US. It brings the whole notion of the State owning your access to health care into the open. Here's hoping.

Julia? I'm a little slow on the uptake today - it's the diet. I hope they were good dreams; that's all I'm saying.

JuliaM said...

Well, the best coup d'etat is the one you don't see coming until it's too late.

The fact that everyone and his dog has spotted Obama's plans before they even began to get into first gear means they are doomed to failure.

I love it when the left fatally overreaches itself... :)

North Northwester said...

"I love it when the left fatally overreaches itself... :)"

Ah, thanks!

And here's hoping....

If only somebody'd let the American Press Corps into the secret, so they don't have to miss those tiny but tell-tale clues about Obama's true intentions - you know: the ones that include all his speeches; all his friends and associates; all his teachers and heroes, and both his jobs - you know, the law journal editing thing and the teaching the law students how to ambulance chase for Da Revolution before he firmly and permanently attached himself to the public cash stream in the most corrupt political machine in the USA.

But, nah, ain't going to happen. Due diligence means finding out what Sarah Palin's grandchild's father thinks she was up to in the 2008 race.


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