Saturday, 12 September 2009

Another manifesto

They're all doing it
this week it seems, and he does this from time to time: puts it - if not as an identical twin then at least as a brother - pretty much as I feel about some part of my country's life.

This one's a manifesto about Britishness and, apart from the picture which more or less identifies him as an agent of the World Accordionist Order, James Higham takes the biscuit.

Take it away James Higham, at Nourishing Obscurity.


Mac the Knife said...

Arrrgggghhhhhhhhh! Jesus! Shit! I just realised what that bloody photograph is! Grenades! Grenades!! GRENADES!!!

James Higham said...

Holy mother - already? Danke Schoen, NNWer. That was a tough one to write, you know - what a can of worms.

North Northwester said...

Mac the Knife, welcome and thanks for your comment.
And you're right: they're everywhere. Everywhere!Bastards.

And James, I see you've expanded it after Britologywatch's comment. It needs to be kept in the public eye often and forcefully. The New Labour election allowed a slow motion coup for the Gramscian Marxists to flourish under - it put them in charge of most organs of government. National feeling, along with religion and family feeling are teh strong feelings which the Marxists must subvert and destroy in order to win permanent political power. Only if we are demoralised and deracinated can we be ruled along totalitarian lines. We're nearly there.


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