Thursday, 11 June 2009

Chalk. Cheese. Semtex.

The BNP cheats.

Its supporters don’t wear sinister uniforms or flaunt evil-looking flags. They don’t disrupt pubic meetings as far as I know or try to intimidate democratically elected representatives of the people. Their local activists would be called ‘community leaders’ if they belonged to any other community than the white majority.
If their famous race war is being planned in secret then it’s a damn well-kept secret, though some comment posters on some of their blogs look pretty bloody iffy even to my frothing-at-the-mouth, gun-me-down-like-a-rabid-dog Right-wing eyes.

No matter. I’m angry about this and so I’m going to labour the point two days running. Let’s forget the candidates themselves, their party and their policies real and imagined. Let’s read those numbers again.

The number of people voting BNP across the UK as a whole went up slightly, from 808,201 to 943,598 in the European elections, but went down slightly in the two regions where it gained MEPs, with the party benefitting from a collapse in the Labour vote.
They won 6.2% of votes, compared with 8.6% for the Green Party, 13.7% for the Lib Dems, 15.7% for Labour, 16.5% for the UK Independence Party and 27.7% for the Conservatives.

943,598 legally resident, fully-enfranchised British subjects cast their votes in a properly-run secret ballot for a legal organization whose candidates were not even in jail and on hunger strike or calling for the deaths of British soldiers or anything in the trusting and perhaps naïve faith that their own humanity mattered enough that their choices would be respected in the same way as the candidates of all the other parties would insist on being respected despite their recent financial and legislative records.

Apparently, someone has decided that this is not the case.They aren’t real people or proper people and their tribunes can be physically attacked and prevented from public speaking with immunity.
And who decided this?

Well, the Labour Party, for starters – two of whose supporters I work with closely, and who yesterday expressed delight that Nick Griffin had been egged. Discussing this, I asked whether it would have been even more democratic if the missiles had been stones, or petrol bombs or grenades.
This point missed their brains by several million realities, it seems, and they went on to discuss what a child had thought when he asked an adult what the man had done wrong. One colleague replied ‘Nothing, yet.’
The other one's making sure, I suppose, that the child in question knows which elected officials it’s going to be OK to attack and presumably with which weapons and weapon systems. That old Colorado Beetle's got a lot to answer for.
If I’d suggested that we should egg people whose parties and fellow ideologues have recently killed and are still killing actual civilians and British soldiers, they’d have been all over me like a cheap suit.

I’m grateful to my colleagues for their words, though.

Previously I’d been finding it difficult to identify the fascists.


James Higham said...

Interesting time ahead.

Sue said...

Nobody in the Labour Party has any right to even discuss "Free Speech" or democracy.

Under this labour government we have suffered the loss of free speech and most of our civil liberties, not to mention the legal inception of "thought crimes".

If the only two choices I had for a government were between labour and the BNP, labour would lose!

North Northwester said...

James - that old Chinese curse again...and they own our banks. Better hope they've got a really strong profit motive rather than political ambitions.

Hi Sue.
Got to say, in my neck of the woods you'll go a long way to meet a Labour supporter who won't say something like ' Of course I believe in free, but...'

I imagine th e likes of CherriePie and the folks over at Harry's place would fit the bill, but that's the internet for you - full of exceptions and ringleaders and unrepresentative minorities that shame the mainstream.

Red Squirrel said...

Well put!


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