Thursday, 28 May 2009

Velocirapor attacks: latest news

Dependability is nice.

In fact, one of the greatest virtues of living in a lawful civil society is that we can plan our lives with some level of confidence because we know pretty much how the people around us will behave in ordinary circumstances. I like the way that the neighbours will say ‘hello’ or ignore me rather than attacking me with machetes; and how my employers expect work from me in return for the wages they’ll pay me next month; and also how the police always furnish me with a brand new crime report number every single time my car is vandalized. And so on

This goes for the pacifist Left, too.

How well I remember the 1980s when the Soviet Union (then the biggest military power on Earth and the darling of about half of the Labour Party) was rearming mightily and at the same time promoting the world ‘peace campaign’ to secure whatever small portion of the world’s peace supply its huge expansion of conventional and nuclear weapons had failed to catch.

The Left - bless them - spent much of that decade arguing against Western rearmament in order to retain rough parity with the Soviets on a number of grounds; not least of which was that rearming might alarm the Soviet military into a pre-emptive nuclear attack on us because they’d grow afraid that we intended to attack them.

Apparently, Western generals and air forces weren’t expected to suffer similar alarm from watching the Soviets doing that self-same thing.

Another argument was that the building of more nuclear weapons worldwide would increase the probability of terrorists or rogue regimes (such as religious madmen or the world’s dwindling supplies of the crazed and egotistical dictators of unstable regimes) acquiring and using some of them. So the West should refrain from increasing the thievable nuke supply and also lead by example and hopefully the Soviets would be reassured and follow suit.

Strangely the terrorists and crazed dictators who the Left semi-privately expected (and publicly proclaimed they believed) most likely to press the button were such jackbooted loons who’d murdered and dictated their way to the top of Third World hell-holes using polling stations as President Reagan (who was known to believe in God and was therefore clinically insane) and Margaret Thatcher. Even the hated South Africans and Israelis usually got a free pass in those days because the Left had bigger fish to fry.

They didn’t include the Soviet premier on their Evil Nuclear Dictator list, for some reason.

CND and the Peace Movement were right of course about one thing; that any nuclear rearmament by the West was certain to lead to a massive thermonuclear exchange and then a global winter that left the Earth unpopulated by any organisms more advanced than cockroaches and accordionists. And here we are, in the ashes to prove it.

So, how is CND and its anti-nuclear family dealing with today’s new and unique nuclear world?

Well, they link to a site called Global Zero, which states the following:

In December 2008 in Paris—in response to the growing threats of proliferation and nuclear terrorism—100 leaders from around the world launched Global Zero. They announced a plan for the phased, verified elimination of nuclear weapons, starting with deep reductions in the U.S. and Russian arsenals,

…both states are still crazy bastards after all these years of UN-sponsored peace.

Remember how during the Russian invasion of Georgia last year the world waited with baited breath; fearfully watching the Peking Olympics and Big Brother 2008 and paralysed by the knowledge that sometime soon the lights in chanceries all over the world would go out, one by one, as diplomats, politicians and generals alike waited for the badminton semi-finals to come on, and Strategic Air Command went to DefconYawn ?

…to be followed by multilateral negotiations among all nuclear powers for an agreement to eliminate all nuclear weapons—global zero. The growing group includes former heads of state, former foreign ministers, former defense ministers, former national security advisors, and more than 20 former top military commanders.

All that out-of-office and retired experience must contain much wisdom, I’d expect.

Global Zero gave letters to Presidents Obama and Medvedev signed by more than 90 Global Zero leaders, urging them to commit to an effort to eliminate all nuclear weapons worldwide as outlined in Global Zero’s policy plan; Global Zero Commissioners, Senator Chuck Hagel and Ambassador Richard Burt, met with President Medvedev in Moscow and discussed this agenda; and Global Zero presented its plan through the media, including on the morning the two presidents met in London, with an op-ed in the London Times authored by six Global Zero American and Russian political and military leaders.

At their meeting, Presidents Obama and Medvedev issued an historic joint statement committing their “two countries to achieving a nuclear free world”—beginning with reductions in their two arsenals. Three days later in a speech in Prague, President Obama declared his intention to “seek to include all nuclear weapons states in this endeavor.”

This leadership from Presidents Obama and Medvedev—matched by growing support from governments around the world—represents an historic opportunity to stop proliferation and end the nuclear threat once and for all by setting the world on the course to the elimination of all nuclear weapons.

You can see how this is going.

Obviously, three’s nothing to worry about in China’s impeccable peace record, or they’d be on the list to disarm soonest too. That whole India-Pakistan nuclear stand-off is similarly a snoozeroo to the serious-minded peace activists. South Africa is decently governed now it’s free of the Apartheid Terror, and as southern Africa becomes ever more civilized and peaceful under the enlightened leadership of such virtue-swollen luminaries of probity and empathy as Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma it’s clear there’s little reason to worry that the South African bomb will ever end up in the wrong hands.

Even the State of Israel gets pretty much a free pass from CND, and this is about as harsh that the CND website gets about the Zionist Entity, which makes it the second least anti-Semitic Left-wing organization in the world after the Faroe Islands Social Democratic Party.

Nope – the Big Bad Boys are even today such crazed religious nuts as all the Americans except for their shiny new President, the Russians (kinda, sorta), and that goose-stepping, frothing-mouthed God-botherer, eschaton -immanentizer and rooftop sniper Gordon Brown.

CND works tirelessly to prevent Trident being replaced and most of all for any anti-missile defences which are the most likely source of a Russo-American war just now in exactly the same way that equipping private homes with stout locks and electronic alarms always startles burglars into shooting their customers once they get onto the premises.

So that silly American waitress and her school drop-out son can stop blowing up all those computer factories and leave World Peace to the people with their fingers on the pulse as much now in the Twenty-First Century as they were in the pre-Ragnarok Europe of the 1980s.

Because the one thing we can depend on is that the nuclear disarmament peace-lovers are bang up to date and have it all covered.

We can rest easy in our Anderson Shelter beds knowing that they haven’t missed a thing.

Not. A. Single. Thing.

Sleep well.


James Higham said...

Run for the Anderson shelter.

Ben said...

Russia and the US own 96% of the world's 27,000 nuclear weapons. That may have something to with it. How can they expect others to get rid of their nukes if they don't offer up their own bombs at the same time?

JuliaM said...

Ahhh, nuclear armageddon isn't the only bad boy on the block anymore....

North Northwester said...

"How can they expect others to get rid of their nukes if they don't offer up their own bombs at the same time?"

Welcome, Ben, and thanks for your comment.

I don't think that the Americans (with the obvious exception of most of the Democrats) - and especially Putin's Russians beleive that 'others' would have any intention to get rid of their own nukes, irrespective of what the Big Boys might do.

Iran and North Korea are ruled by exactly the kind of head-cases who were supposed to trigger a trans-polar nuclear slugfest back in the Day, and all the State Department can do now is to criticise Korea's harsh words and offer the hand of negotiation to both.

Given the consistently brutal inhumanity of each country's leaderships, it isn't mere foolishness but rather willful ignorance to assume that they will do anything but take advantage of and western disarmament at all.

And of course Putin's Russia is rearming. Once a KGB man,always so, for Vlad, I fear.

North Northwester said...

Julia - we get to be the bad guys this time around - all those aerosols and flights to Spain - why, we're practically murderers even THINKING about attending Wimbledon with its refrigerated drinks and ozone-destroying strawberries.

The guilt's just getting to be too much..

It's no use, I'm just going to have to throw another plastic bag in the canal.


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