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Just before we get into the nitty-gritty of precisely how the main democratic parties might choose to secure and improve our lives via primary legislation, fiscal planning and public spending, and by employing diplomacy and treaty building and through both institutional reform and the enforcement of the laws, I thought it might be helpful to list, without further commentary, some of the issues which they may choose to face on our behalf by using powers and freedoms that we have lent – or that we shortly will lend – to them.

Foreign affairs.

The government of Iran will likely soon possess nuclear weapons.

Pakistan already possesses nuclear weapons and may soon be ruled by the Taliban and its alies.

The government of North Korea possesses and is testing nuclear weapons and is sending nuclear-capable rockets over other nations’ territories.

The United States of America is nearing bankruptcy.

The US Government seems to be happy with all of the above.

Most of the oil-producing countries are governed by people who hate our way of life down to the last detail and wish to change it.

The two most populous countries in the world are undergoing massive industrial revolutions and are competing for scarce resources with us.

Almost anyone, no matter how unconnected with Britain, no matter how violent their beliefs and actions, and no matter how antagonistic they are to our country’s institutions and contemptuous of the rule of law are allowed to settle here in effect permanently.

British foreign policy is largely made by the European Commission.

The European Commission believes in, and constantly and overtly pushes for greater control of member nations’ internal affairs and diplomatic relations.

The economy.

The national debt is equal to a year’s GDP.

Government borrowing is high and getting higher.

There is a massive public pension debt on top of the national debt and only half the people are making any provision for their future incomes.

The private sector and therefore the tax base are contracting.

A workless underclass is massively dependent of welfare benefits.

Most of the banks are state owned, and aren’t lending to business.

The pound is weak.

Imported goods needed for our economic growth such as fuel and raw materials are expensive.

Of the home countries, only England is paying its way – the rest are dependent on tax revenues half or more of their incomes via disproportionately large public sector employment.


The native population - and especially the middle class - is largely childless or in one-child families. This is below recoverable replacement levels for the white population.

The elderly are increasing in number and proportion to the working population and surviving largely on tax-funded income and services.

The underclass is growing in size and is growing above the law.

Immigrant families with hostile or otherwise incompatible world-views are reproducing at much higher rates than the natives.

The academy views western civilization as inimical to moral life and is openly subverting it throughout primary, secondary, and tertiary education.

Traditional morality and the family are widely seen amongst the professional classes as opposed to happiness.

A shrinking number of people is educated to a level that they know the first thing about how we are governed, how wealth is created, and how societies grow, flourish and survive.


75% and perhaps more laws which are made each year derive from the Commission of the European Union.

Many laws are never discussed or scrutinized by Parliament.

The police have abdicated most of their authority to enforce the rule of law.

The courts have abdicated much of their authority to punish criminals.

Government concerns itself with ever-greater quality of life issues.

Government seeks to concern itself with ever-greater and more intimate areas of personal life.

Government proclaims a monopoly of the use of force: a monopoly that it shares with the lawless.

That should keep them busy for a while.

That’ll be £399.99, please.


WomanHonorThyself said...

brilliant piece but quite alarming eh!

Sue said...

The Conservatives aren't going to be any better, are they?

I must admit, I don't blame people for voting BNP. I think it's a desperate attempt to just get our country back. (Whether it's misguided or not).

Anonymous said...

What a superb post - hats off to you!

North Northwester said...

My friends, thank you.
Disappointment and I are brothers, (OK, sisters as well, obviously)...
But we conservatives are family.

On a brighter note, remember that handful of frightened men and women in a house in Jerusalem in Roman Palestine: their only teacher dead; nothing in writing; nothing physical as evidence of what they had seen, and no idea how to take the message out to the world. Only the conviction that the message had to be taken.
Only the conviction - and the will.

Or a handful of scared hoplites at the Hot Gates with the might of Asia before them, trapped between the sea and the mountains.

Or those poor shivering farm-boys and merchants huddling in Valley Forge, wondering whether they'd ever call their own land 'home' again.

Or any English-speaker, anywhere, who can spell 'free.' And 'hope'.

On we go...

Ross said...

But apart from all that, things are going great!

Goodnight Vienna said...

I've seen your comments on other sites and nodded in agreement. Now you're on my blogroll - thanks very much NNW.

North Northwester said...

Ross, as long as I have my health and strength and Mrs. Northwester and Northwester House's vodka supply is on or above minimum recommended safety level, then what's the worst that can happen?

Oh, yeah. It did, didn't it?

Welcome Goodnight Vienna, and thanks for your kind words.

Likewise and reciprocated. I've made an assumption and listed you with the 'Cons', but if you'd prefer to be in with 'non-conservative goodies' I'll be glad to shift you.

You're welcome to expose your stuff to my few, select but lovely 700 visitors a month.

CherryPie said...

The worst that could happen is that an extreme party will get the majority vote...

From bad to worse...

North Northwester said...

Hi CherryPie.

I have to say we may agree to differ on this one - or not!- but twelve years of new Labour moderation, and its Major moderate predecessor has exported so many rights, powers and freedoms to Europe that I think the European elections are high time to humble and rattle the Big Three's cage.

As the European parliament is pretty much a rubber stamp for the Commission anyway (if I understand it correctly), then in terms of originating new bad ideas there's little to fear from a far-Right candidate or two getting in.

And the British Right needs a thorough kicking for being so clueless. The European parliament is so doggedly centre-Left that even British-style Conservatives(either the officials or UKIP) can't make much of a splash there.

I particularly want to shake up and punish my own party [the Tories for brand new visitors], because they've allowed the New Labour supermajorities to assault the Union, sidetrack the Commons and weaken the whole of the Parliament, debauch the integrity of the Civil service and send our troops out into bullet-storms in 1950s-designed death-trap land Rovers.

All this was unopposed by the Tories except through the weary formulae of partisan ritual, and alongside Labour's bankrupting the public finances and - if I may partly support you at last - with its feeding English service support jobs into Wales and the PFI (the worst imaginable form of private sector involvement with defence that doesn't actually involve raising the Jolly Roger.)

And the silence of the Tories was largely because they had their mouths stuffed with our gold and their ears blocked by the heritage media and their modernizing ignoramus chums.

That's who needs to be hurt this time; not the minnows, but the resepctables who let it all happend with barely a peep.

Come 2010, it'll be back to business as usual, I think. With maybe a few better people in the Commons.

I hope.

CherryPie said...

I don't think there is much we really disagree on, maybe just in application.

I personally don't agree with extremism of any kind.

The problem with the Tories and Labour at the moment is their policies are very similar and they are trying to outdo each other and are becoming more statist. There is no viable option on the other side to balance them out and make them rethink. Off course you may think that is all a load of rubbish ;-)


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