Monday, 18 May 2009

The Left is right again

...and it’s beginning to bug me.

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Between them the Asian News, the Times, the Telegraph, the BBC and Refuge,the women’s charity, seem to have arrived at the truth. Or some truths.

Just not the same truths, is all.

All agree that Malik Mannan stabbed his wife, Sabina Akhtar, to death. All agree that she had previously informed the police about his repeated attacks and death threats against her, and that after being warned and bailed out he frequently broke his bail conditions by continuing to threaten her, (threats that she reported to the police), and he then carried out his murderous threats when the CPS and police ignored her.

The Telegraph doesn’t mention that Refuge is suing the Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service over failing to protect this poor, terrorized woman, but that’s obviously a sign of extreme-Right-wing bias and boyish high-jinks on the Telegraph’s part and nothing to worry about.

The most important facts are that she is dead, murdered by her husband and that the ‘authorities’ did nothing for her once he was bailed out for stalking and otherwise harassing her. It’s ‘just’ a human tragedy at this point; no need to get political, right?

Well, ‘human rights’ legislation is being used by the charity Refuge. Hum-ho, what’s wrong with the law of the land?

Point to the Left – the law of the land wasn’t used properly to protect Mrs Akhtar:

It emerged that Mannan had been arrested for breaching his bail order but was released shortly before he carried out the murder because the CPS had ruled that there was insufficient evidence for a prosecution.


The case was reviewed by a CPS lawyer who decided there was no case to answer despite the previous complaints. Bail restrictions on Mannan were dropped and he sent Sabina a text boasting: "I am a free man. Case file closed. Isn't it great?"

And Baroness Helena Kennedy has been advising and supporting the lawsuit. Rent-a-Leftie-Brief…Face Of Hate…Hatchet-faced Marxist dy…Usual suspects…Monstrous Regi…Ah, nuts. They’re right on this one, in the short term.

Okay, so you’d expect a women’s refuge charity to be pretty much dominated by Left-feminist thinking and perspectives and just by having a negative view of some aspects of this country and which differs from mine doesn’t automatically make you insane or evil (though it’s a good sign and I keep my eyes peeled for such wrong-headedness).

Here she is:

Lady Kennedy said that the police needed to be confronted with their duty towards the victims of domestic violence. She told the BBC: “The police failure to act in domestic violence is something well known to us. In fact, they have improved their game considerably but in some forces it is not good enough.

Talk about the stopped clock!

And guess whose feathers are ruffled? Guess who is shocked - shocked! - that Refuge is going to law?

Senior officers in GMP are “surprised and disappointed” by the threat of legal action. They believe that they responded swiftly to Ms Akhtar’s concerns, offering support, installing a security alarm in her home and placing a full file before prosecutors.

Peter Fahy, the Chief Constable, has since campaigned for friends, relatives and neighbours to come forward more readily with concerns about domestic violence. The force deals with 68,000 cases of domestic violence each year.

Love that ‘since.’

It’s all the rage is ‘since.’ As in: ‘since I was caught out buggering about, I’ve been campaigning against it to avoid further blame.’

First syllable of ‘sincere,’ is since.

These would be the excellent and generously-funded ‘police service’ in Greater Manchester that can do this:

Greater Manchester Police is flying the flag for an international event to raise awareness of prejudice against gay and transgender people.

The force is flying a rainbow flag above its Chester House headquarters.

It was raised by the Chief Constable Peter Fahy ahead of Sunday's International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO).

The flag is the internationally recognised symbol for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

Mr Fahy said: "This shows Greater Manchester Police's commitment to ensuring people, whatever their individuality, can feel safe in the city.

Where were the police at 1.30 on Sunday morning when two women and a pal of mine got threatened (him) for wearing a skirt and a bit of mascara? Okay, they were elsewhere in Castle City and not in Greater Manchester’s defensive inner ring as it were but still I wonder just how long they’d have taken to arrive, if at all, had the track-suited morons not legged it when faced with composure and courage…Hang out no flags: a non-authority-abdicated police force might come in handy.

The feminists have got it right; if the police are playing a deadly game of mouse and mouse with their limited budget and resources then it’s a nice bit of social shadenfreude to see the Sisters putting the boot in on the silver-bling-capped no-to-zero-tolerance PC and doubtless self-serving senior ‘officers.’

As a conservative, I bemoan the need for such alien measures as ‘human rights’ legislation being used above the common and criminal law, but Refuge isn’t just on the side of the angels on this one: it is the angel, and an avenging angel at that. It's how authority asserts itself in a civil society, just as the Abolitionists and the Evangelicals did in civilizing Victorian Britain. I may doubt some of their statistics, but there's a chunk wrong with British manhood that needs fixing.

But, not being one to miss an opportunity when Uncle Joe’s Auntie is involved, guess which information is present in all of the other accounts but which the BBC strangely and for no apparent reason misses?

I can’t be sure how germane ‘Bangladesh’ and ‘arranged marriage’ are to this case - there are more than enough brutal or would-be brutal men everywhere I’d guess, but quite why the BBC wants these facts left out I’ll leave to the reader to speculate, and why this was put in (other than copy and pasting information from the Refuge website)

According to Ms Hypolite, at least two women in the UK are killed at the hands of a violent partner each week.

She added: "Domestic violence transcends the whole of the economic and social strata - we as women are likely to be abused by the men we form relationships with, whether we are poor or rich."

…remains a mystery.

…and as for why the Times alone mentions this:

On one occasion he had told her to prepare for death by reading passages from the Koran adding: “I am going to get a knife and when I return I am going to slaughter you.”

…we’ll probably never know.

It’s just some dog that didn’t bark for anyone else, I suppose.

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