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First the rainbow. Then the flood?

Some things just don’t compute.

I just don’t see what some people in Europe are up to or how their minds work.

Here’s something from the continent about some regrettable and indeed unconscionable words from Silvio Berlusconi: Right-wing politician, racist and known Italian.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's open rejection of the vision of a multi-ethnic Italy sparked sharp debate Sunday, winning praise from far-right allies and accusations of racism from the left.

Berlusconi's conservative government has won public favour…

Which is so not the point of democracy.

…by cracking down on illegal immigration,

…‘illegal’. Funny how the press always put that bit in as if there was something wrong with illegality. Rather sinister in fact; almost as if they want to criminalize some people just for being people.

…allowing the premier to go a step further as he defended Saturday a new policy to deport migrants to Libya before they arrive on Italian shores.

"The left's idea is of a multi-ethnic Italy," Berlusconi told a news conference. "That's not our idea, ours is to welcome only those who meet the conditions for political asylum."

Long a country of emigrants,

Two thousand years and counting, and what have they ever done for the world?

Italy in recent years has been grappling with an influx of poor African migrants arriving on its shores and Eastern Europeans seeking work, sparking fears over crime and a loss of national identity.

Opposition lawmakers denounced the premier's comments as racist…


...and told him to accept Italy would inevitably become multi-cultural whether Italians liked it or not.

Well if it’s inevitable, why should anyone oppose it? Death. Taxes. Galactic entropy. Global warming. Immigration. All of them irresistible forces of nature against which no amount of laws or political willpower or human ingenuity can ever prevail.

"It's not for me or Berlusconi or anyone else to decide,

Well, of course not – who appointed Berlusconi as decision-maker anyway?

…for this will be the century of multi-ethnic societies,"

And that’s been decided at the highest levels of the Councils of Inevitability, I’m sure.

centre-left leader Dario Franceschini said, accusing Berlusconi of using the topic to divert attention from his marital woes and a recession.

I knew there’d be a shady motive for a racist’s word somewhere…

"France, Great Britain and Germany are European nations with far more immigrants than us but they've worked for integration."

And we’re doing just peachy here in Britain. Game, set, and match to the multi-ethnic Left, I’d say.

Monsignor Mariano Crociata, secretary of the influential Italian Bishops Conference, defended multiculturalism as a "value" that already existed in Italy and instead cited poor inter-cultural relations as the real problem.

Gott mit uns.

As they say in Germany.

Even Leftist leader Piero Fassino -- who a day earlier broke ranks with party members by supporting Berlusconi's new deportation policy -- said the latest comments went too far.

"He's wrong, and seriously so," Fassino told the Corriere della Sera newspaper. "Let's just accept with honesty that Italy -- like France and Germany already are -- will become a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-religious country."

Honesty ; that’s what we need. Honesty. And if the united Left says ‘honesty,’ you know it mean ‘honesty’.

But Berlusconi's affirmation -- which made headlines in Italian newspapers and pushed his ongoing divorce drama to the inside section -- was hailed by the Northern League, a junior government ally that says unchecked immigration threatens Italy.

"This underscores a revolutionary change from the past," said the far-right party's…

…‘far-right’ – an indictment and a conviction all wrapped up in one neat package.

…Roberto Calderoli, recommending honorary party membership for Berlusconi.

Last week, an outcry erupted when a League official jokingly said some Milan subway coaches should be reserved for Milanese.

And in the land of Etna and Vesuvius, they know a thing or two about eruption!

Immigration has been high on the political agenda ever since Berlusconi took power a year ago pledging a clampdown on illegal immigrants that his government blames for a spike in crime.

"Once upon a time there were just a few of us defending Italian identity, now with the prime minister's words we are in the majority," Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa said.

I could weep but the anti-racists seem to have the measure of Signor Berlusconi’s ‘government.’

And then there’s this piece of egregious racism and non-sequiturs from England in the Northwest European Region zone.

An asylum seeker who ran over a schoolgirl and left her to die has escaped deportation.

Amy Houston, 12, of Darwen, Lancashire, was trapped beneath the wheels of 31-year-old Aso Mohammed Ibrahim's car in November 2003 and died later in hospital.

Ibrahim, who ran off from the accident scene, was jailed for four months by Blackburn magistrates for driving while disqualified and failing to stop after an accident.

One wonders, given Britain’s lenient driving offences punishment regime, why he ran instead of stopping and offering her first aid and calling for an ambulance. It’s puzzling.

The Iraqi Kurd was due to be deported after he was taken into the custody of the UK Borders Agency last October.

Oh, he was afraid of deportation. That explains it: the heavy and racist hand of the British State was likely to treat him as a second-class citizen, with fewer rights than others domiciled in these islands. More than enough reason to leave the girl; to her fate.

But he claims it is too dangerous to return to his homeland

Obviously, Saddam Hussein or maybe some religious militants are likely to threaten his life in advance of all the other Kurds whom they plan to kill. I’m sure the whole Left will join me in wishing for more Western troops to be deployed in northern Iraq to protect these poor, oppressed people.

…and won a court appeal against being detained ahead of a final ruling on whether he can stay in Britain


So really he was running for his life when he left her to die. More than reasonable.

Amy's family have campaigned for his deportation since her death but Ibrahim has fought a lengthy appeals process to stay.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said: "We are extremely disappointed at the court's decision - the UK Border Agency vigorously opposed bail for this man.

One can only wonder why. Why?

"Individuals with no right to remain in the UK will sometimes attempt to frustrate the removals process, but the public can rest assured that we will continue to work towards their removal as quickly as possible, presenting our position strongly at any appeals to ensure the appropriate outcome."

Well, it’s a complicated case and I’m sure the appeals panel will look closely at this poor, vulnerable man’s situation.

It is not clear when his latest appeal will conclude as new evidence will be reviewed.

Justice Secretary and MP for Blackburn Jack Straw vowed to look into the case and speak to the family and the Home Secretary.

Amy's father Paul Houston, 39, of Argyle Street, Darwen, said: "It's an insult to my daughter. How many more appeals does he get? He's just laughing at the British justice system. It is so wrong."

Obviously, in his understandable grief Mr. Houston is missing the point of what justice is and why it must protect unfortunates with close ties to Britain such as Mr. Ibrahim.

And here’s the last and in many ways the most distressing Yahoo ‘news’ piece.

A new poll has revealed widespread discontent with the number of migrants coming to Britain. Skip related content

More than seven out of 10 adults want sharp cuts in immigration levels of more than 80%, it found.

Across the country only 5% of people supported current immigrant levels and 79% said they were concerned about migrant numbers.

Looks like the racist propaganda’s really got to the ignorant public: many of whom live too close to areas of richly divers immigrants to see the big picture of how it’s enriching Britain.

The MPs who commissioned the poll said the issue was being "swept under the carpet" at Westminster. They warned it could become a "recruiting sergeant" for extremist parties if it was not addressed.

I rather think that the research itself will be the BNP’s recruiting-sergeant, and so it should not be published.

Pollsters YouGov told more than 2,000 members of the public that net immigration levels - the number coming in minus the number leaving - were around 300,000 a year over the past five years. They were then asked what level it should be set at instead.

In response around 40% said they wanted numbers to be balanced, so the overall population level stayed the same.

One in six said net immigration should be cut to 50,000 a year…

…which is clearly the result of hate speech that we see in our papers and on television and the radio every day.

…and about the same proportion called for the population to be cut.

Which would be okay if we did it by not reproducing at all to reduce the population to sustainable levels.

MPs Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, chairmen of the cross party balanced migration group said: "This poll shows the public's concern about immigration is very widely felt and the demand for change very strong indeed. If mainstream parties do not tackle these issues, the extremist parties will. Silence and inaction on immigration are the recruiting sergeants for the BNP."

The poll found support from young people for drastic cuts. Among 18 to 34-year-olds more than 60% called for immigration levels to be set at 50,000 or less.

Makes you wonder what our educators are doing in those schools, when the young people come up with vile stuff like this.

A spokesman for the UK Border Agency said: "We have listened to the British people and have made huge changes to the immigration system including banning low skilled workers from outside Europe

which is blatant colour prejudice and racism of the worst kind, though one wonders why low skilled workers within Europe are accepted – what mechanisms allow them to adorn these islands.

and tightening the criteria for highly skilled migrants. As a result we expect to see reductions in the numbers coming here."

I could weep.

Alright already.

Regular readers ( bless you! Seven to eight hundred different ones a month of you if I’m reading Google Analytics correctly, or half a dozen if I’m muffing the stats somehow…) may have noted a certain drift to recent posts concerning immigration and matters of race, culture and nationality.

Any machine Lefty worth his salt could condemn me as an out-and-out racist, though I don’t believe that I am. Open-minded liberals and socialists (I hang out with a few, as you’ll have gathered) might worry for me and about me, but numbers and culture matter, I think.

But I do begin to remind myself of the old National Front; at least in tone. Which is odd, because I really mean it when I say that I’m a conservative and that hatred of any particular individuals or ‘racial’ groups is not part of my ideas on this.

I don’t believe in the existence of racially-determined intelligence or strength of character: I’m an ‘it’s the culture’ man through and through. It wouldn’t’ even matter if there were some ‘scientific’ proof of a range of intellectual inferiorities or superiorities either; we’d all still owe each other respect and decency whatever our IQs; just by being fellow humans.

What worries me is a variety of effects that large-scale immigration is having on this country: particularly when you look at some of the moralities being brought in along with the immigrants’ undoubtedly wider genetic pool for our posterity.

We’ve long adapted ways to absorb and gain much wealth and comfort from small numbers of immigrants who brought skills and enterprising attitudes of mind – the Huguenots, the Jews ( in a variety of different waves), the Irish, Poles, White Russians, and so on.

But they were adopted by and were encouraged to fit in with a country (or countries) which liked itself and that was confident in its traditions and proud of them: not a land whose political class and their hangers-on believed that the whole ‘country’ thing is part of a massive scam to delude factory workers into working for low wages and women into the non-recreational form of bondage.

And they had to work; and not join the idle natives (as there were few such outside the workhouses) on the public dole.

So I have some illustrative questions for those who would call my worries racist or racially motivated, so that they and we can check our beliefs.

# If health, education and welfare spending is too low for civilized society already, then how is importing 300,000 new recipients for State funds each year going to improve matters for those already here?

# If a single plastic supermarket bag can kill a pacific turtle on the other side of the globe then what kind of carbon footprint and other pollutants will importing people in scores of thousands a month from rural, muscle-and-wind-powered parts of the world generate, as they’ll all want and get manufactured goods and use power?

# If the utterance of a single hateful word such as ‘golliwog’ can threaten the Queen’s peace and civilised discourse to such an extent that its user must no longer be allowed to broadcast, then how much more hatred and harm might be generated by these newcomers?

# If unemployment is such a bad thing(and I believe that it is), then what good does bringing in competitors for an ever-smaller number of jobs and the consequent shrinking tax base to pay their dole?

# Do numbers matter?

Which of the above things is actually good?

I’m away for the weekend to holiday with Tiny Northwester and so I will leave you with a humourous email from Angel on this very topic – Angel whose robust defence of Western civilization and her unceasing struggle to expose and humiliate the jihadists make me seem like Colin Powell in comparison; rather than the great John Enoch.

A British Poll recently asked:
Are there too many immigrants in Britain ?'

21% Said: Yes

17% Said: No

62% Said: عهد الأمن العالمي بواشنط


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