Friday, 3 April 2009

Some dead kid. Another dead kid. Whatever.

Poor old Al Beeb. Just can’t help themselves, can they? It’s like shooting fisks in a barrel.

Here’s a simple, heart-warming tale of a common-or-garden child murder which the BBC bothered to mention – mirabile dictu! - with their usual panache and unique viewpoint.

Israeli child killed in West Bank

A Palestinian attacker wielding an axe has killed an Israeli boy and wounded another in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, police say.

Love that ‘police say.’ Because it’s necessary to point out that maybe, just maybe, the police might be a little biased, maybe? How unlike the editorial life of our own dear Beeb.

The incident took place in the Bat Ayin settlement south of Bethlehem. The attacker is reported to have escaped.

Doctors said the fatality was a 13-year-old, while a seven-year-old boy was being treated for serious wounds.

The military wing of Islamic Jihad and Imad Mughniyeh Group said they carried out the attack, Israel Radio reports.

Wonder if that’s true? I mean, the BBC has a £3,000,000,000 annual budget. Should be easy enough to check somewhere else whether this ‘report’ means either;

A, ‘What the whole world already knows’ or

B, Zionist State radio puts out unconfirmed filthy anti-Palestinian propaganda.

Shucks, if only there was some quick – or better yet instantaneous – way of finding such things out… By casting the runes perhaps( I use the Elder Futhark, though some make great claims for the Old English Rune row, but each to his own, I suppose),

But wait, I’ve found one.

I find: Yahoo. Channel News Asia. Gulf News. Bay Ledger News.

Of course, the probably got most of the story from some news agency source, but still, maybe the Three Billion Dollar Moan might have checked.

Fortunately, each and every one mentions the hawkish new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or Mr Netanyahu's foreign minister and some of them firebrand Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Having a hawkish Prime Minister or firebrand Foreign Minister is an acceptable reason to hack a thirteen-year-old boy to death, as all nuanced broadcasters know.

Ah, here’s Bay Register News;

In a phone call to AFP and a statement released to media in the West Bank, Islamic Jihad and the Imad Mughniyeh Group claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was "a natural response to the crimes of the occupation."

In a statement in Gaza, Islamic Jihad hailed the attack, but denied it was responsible.

No wonder the BBC doubts Israeli Radio!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the attack as a "senseless act of brutality against innocents".

Gotta say compadres, he’s about as bright as John Major; this one. Perhaps he should do some background reading. May I suggest the Koran?

Reports say it appears to be the latest of sporadic attacks

…not so many then, being sporadic and all? Like those thousands of sporadic home-made rockets that sporadically hit sporadic civilian targets and sporadic settlements from Gaza and Lebanon these past few years. Nothing to worry about. Just a spot of sporadic.

by Palestinians in Israeli-occupied territory.

‘Israeli-occupied territory’ huh. Glad you made that clear. Context is all. Makes all that axe-wielding seem worthwhile somehow, doesn’t it?

Pity the BBC has its context meter switched off so often when Israel defends itself against random sporadic stuff, and especially the worldwide lies peddled about the non-murder of Mohammed Al Durah and its equivocal and softball response to the revelations that it was likely another Pallywood production.

It is also the first such incident since the right-leaning government of Prime Minister Netanyahu took office.

Thank God; yes, I’m prepared to say it again, thank God there’s always an easy explanation for these apparently random events. And the BBC has it.

There are fears that the killing could heighten tensions between the Israeli cabinet

I can just see those old politicos getting all sweaty and muttering into their vodka at this. Maybe they’ll throw some insults when some Palestinians come in to their bar, maybe make some rucksack comments, diss their lovely, black-masked women.

No question of a reasoned response here from a sophisticated Western government, right?

and the Palestinians.

Second-mentioned, reactive or passive only. Can't be the aggressors.See?

Mr Netanyahu's foreign minister has declared his government will abandon the Annapolis agreement and go back to the so-called roadmap for peace.

The ‘so-called’ in quote marks which I don’t recall the BBC using when it used the Road Map for Peace as a good reason why the Israelis shouldn’t over-react to sporadic stuff. TRMPFP was the liberal Left’s previous internationally-mediated panacea, until all those intifadas and wars and rockets took the gloss off it. Never mind, there’ll be another one along in a minute. Ah, Annapolis.

According to the roadmap, the Palestinians first have to take a number of steps on security before going on to solve the final issues involved in creating their own state, the BBC's Paul Wood in Jerusalem says.

“the Palestinians first have to take a number of steps on security” in this context means abandoning their publicly stated commitment to wiping Israel off the map and following the Koranic tradition of permanent and universal anti-Semitism in case you were wondering what that meant.

Oh, and abandoning suicide bombing and other random acts of sporadic stuff.

Eyewitness account

Israeli TV reported that the attacker was a local Palestinian.

But BBC sources suspect he might have been something else, such as a crazed Tasmanian Devil or Pacific turtle with a Marks and Spencers bag up its arse. Who knows for sure?

A massive search by police and the army is now under way around Bat Ayin, which is inhabited by about 1,000 religious settlers.

Settler leader Shaul Goldstein said security guards managed to shoot the attacker, but he escaped.

One witness, who said his name was Avinoam, described trying to wrestle the man.

"I was near the settlement offices when I saw a Palestinian with an axe running toward me," he told Israeli television.

"I managed to block his arm, we fell to the ground and struggled but he managed to run away.

"I called for help, another resident fired at him, but missed.

"When I got up, I saw a child wounded in the head. I cried to warn his mother, who ran toward him," he said.

But context at last…

More than 400,000 Jewish settlers live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, areas which were captured by Israeli in the 1967 war.

Would that be the war of anti-Semitic genocide launched by armies from of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria and also known as the “Third Arab-Israeli War?” Less context here, for some odd reason.

All Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territory are regarded as illegal under international law,

Like the international laws forbidding attacks on civilians, fighting in civilian clothes, stationing weapons and artillery stores in private homes and amongst civilians, refusing UN inspectors into your nuclear plants. That kind of sporadic international law-breaking, O jewels of the desert, O sons of Islam?

…although Israel disputes this.

What with having been promised rather a lot more than it finally received, maybe?

Two things consistently make me ashamed about being British – our treatment of the Jews of the Middle East and the first ‘B’ in BBC.



JuliaM said...

"The military wing of Islamic Jihad and Imad Mughniyeh Group said they carried out the attack.."

The 'military' wing...?

The F*****G 'military' wing? Not even the sop of 'paramilitary'...?

Well, of course, Beeb, because all armies target 13 year old civilians, don't they?

WomanHonorThyself said...

brilliant work my friend...this should be on the front page of every newspaper!!!!


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