Friday, 3 April 2009

Ranter's Blog, supplemental.

Sometimes, in my anger and despair, I miss what's right before my eyes.

This morning, I made a post which contained this:

Israeli child killed in West Bank
A Palestinian attacker wielding an axe has killed an Israeli boy and wounded another in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, police say.

Fortunately CSI Dextrosphere: in the form of Julia, points out what my fury at our treasonous State broadcaster missed.

JuliaM said...

"The military wing of Islamic Jihad and Imad Mughniyeh Group said they carried out the attack.."

The 'military' wing...?

The F*****G 'military' wing? Not even the sop of 'paramilitary'...?

Well, of course, Beeb, because all armies target 13 year old civilians, don't they?

Her comment is worth a whole post and I kick myself for missing it.
So here it is.

I mean, there are air force units called 'tank busters', and anti-fleet fast ships called 'destroyers'. Self-propelled artillery and minesweepers all play distinctive and obvious roles in warfare.

But what in the name of all the gods do you call a military that specializes in hacking thirteen-year-old children to death?


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