Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Read someone else's blog today

This one, to be precise.

If you've ever wondered why the hammer blows of our logic and the cold hard iron or overwhelming evidence, all those facts, and millennia of experience STILL don't hold the Left back from their lunacy, then the mentality that underlies it all needs to be identified and attacked.

Dumb Jon lays it on the line, and we all need to understand it in our collective enterprise for what is good and against what is evil.

And the mentality we're up against isn't evil - it's not even particularly banal but the minds of our near enemies aren't evil at all. They'd recoil from any evil they actually met, it's just...

Well, read it and see why the non-evil, deep down, despite everything they should know and could know and do know, still seek out evil; pamper evil; import and strengthen, promote and excuse evil.

It ain't pretty, my Precious, but it's the place we need to go to dispose of that damned Ring...


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