Thursday, 26 March 2009

Poster boys and girls

Off to one of Britain's distant shores at the weekend for quality time with Tiny Northwester.
It'll probably rain.

So here's my pick of what I've enjoyed recently.
(Sorry about all the good stuff I've missed, but it's late and I want to post this at breakfast before the journey.)

James worries about why we blog and Swedish wife swapping.

One answer is CherryPie in puckish mood about the Japanese and why their success is better than our bureaucracy by land and sea.

Another is this guy, who's celebrating the olive tree which, alongside the hoplite army and the belief in Man's reason led the greeks to democracy. And tyranny. And aristocracy. Sigh. Good stuff on warmist lunacy, too.

And on...

Why Britain is a failing state - hard hitting contents of Xanthippa's Chamberpot. Never seen it done so crisply and so quickly and ye gods it has to stop!

Subrosa recycles a German's view of Islam, and if those whipped anti-patriots are speaking up, then you oughta listen, Mister.

A brand new conservative site. Hooray! Reflections on the culture wars from Ultramontanity. Demons, radicals, liberal, serfs and popes. Very sound and a welcome newcomer to social conservative blogging.

Leg Iron on how Postman Pat and the brothers are conspiring to raise the BNP vote.

Moving away from politics for a moment...

This is so cool! It's exactly the kind of thing that the Internet was designed for.
(Apart from surviving a nuclear war and publishing pictures of lesbians, of course.)
Great, great pictures.

The delectable Mel on the new Stalin, Big 0 himself. Can't wait for the first show trials. Must wait for the slow-loading Speccy.

Penny Patch Patrician does a CSI job on the mind of the Easter Egg in the White House: like Mel's stuff but with added liberal idiot cartoon - well worth a visit just for that one graphic.

Cassandra Troy, an authentic European classical liberal minimal statist points us to America's Capitalism march. Stirring stuff, but who's that voice on the second video and what happened to the horse?

Everybody in the world's seen it by now (except for the BBC's viewers of course), as the Number Twos from Number Ten gets a new out-door installed by Dan The Man, but I especially like I Unknown's plea to spread the word - like the last bit of Independence Day - minus the Morse code, of course.

Bon appetit, and..

Igor, release the squirrels, and bring the girl to me.
Fly, fly my beauties!


Rugged individualists, please queue here for your uniforms to be issued.
No spitting. No smoking. No talking. Stay in line.


subrosa said...

Many thanks for the mention. Good choices. Enjoy your weekend of fun.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

From the Olive Tree guy

" if we (for example) cut out the fuel used in British Agriculture and reduce imports then we'll have to replace that fuel with something else. Cows and horses fart too much so we should in fact use human labour. And of course we'll be farming organicly because that's even more "sustainable". If we look at communities that go that route then instead of about 3% of the workforce feeding the other 97% we have about 50% working in the fields. All day. Six days a week. And that means we'll have needed to move some 50% of city dwellers out into the villages..."

Isn't that what Pol Pot tried ?

North Northwester said...

it's either banned or compulsory said...
Isn't that what Pol Pot tried ?

Well, yes, and nobody much since 1800 in the West has approved of such a thing, apart from the Romantic, Socialists, and other stupid rich idealists whose worldly achievements need to be measured in mega-gallons.

CherryPie said...

Thanks for the link :-)

I can promise not to spit or smoke, but I am not sure about the no talking and staying in line ;-)

James Higham said...

Postman Pat is always good.


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