Wednesday, 5 October 2016

What Planet Earth was like 15 minutes ago will shock you

.. and Kim Kardashian wasn't even consulted!

It may be worse, probably is worse, even that this

Things usually are worse, but I’ll stand correction.

Huh? That's literally the whole parliamentary supremacy thing in a nutshell: we want to take our sovereignty back. We want to elect a Parliament and know that they will be able to govern the country, instead of having to go cap in hand to a foreign power to ask 'may I'?

Maybe this is (also) a symptom of the This is the Present Year Syndrome, originating in the amygdalae of all anatomically modern Progressives.

In a world where the most dignified predictions of the future are movie trailers, thanks to the resolute deeds of The Agents of Progress™ the past has been wholly erased by the Great Rainbow Squeegee.
AKA The Narrative.

We’re not just talking about the Ministry of Truth rewriting the Times to prove we have always been at war with Eastasia here.
Instead, the Squeegee has assured that for many Progressive product-units, anything outside the Present Year simply does not exist: including present facts that do not happen to be Narrative-sanctioned
The Nicky Morons of this world - or more precisely her Millennial serfs - when met with “We have always been at war with Eastasia” are less likely to counter with “But we were at war with Eurasia last year when Eastasia were our allies,” than “What is Eastasia?” or “What war?” or most importantly “We?”

It’s inconceivable for many Narrative-addled bitbrains that barely 30 years ago it was controversial that a BBC TV show portrayed an abortion in a sympathetic light just before a Parliamentary debate on that very topic. Especially if it’s difficult to Google it on page 1. Especially so considering all the wholesome family fun that Michelle Fowler and her successors have had with that particular subject ever since.  

Also, Poles are stupid
And wrong.

So, Putney debates? What? 
The Restoration? That’s a TV reality show about doing up old houses, yeah? The Bill of Rights? That’s why it’s OK for blokes in drag to piss in the cubicle next to teenage girls in Asda. 
And it always has been.

If those of us on the Right have been slow in catching on how (or even that) the culture wars have been fought and won by the bad guys, it also appears that the bad guys haven’t cottoned on yet to how thorough their victory has been.

We might just want to do something about that.

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