Monday, 17 October 2016

Miss Eeyore takes a free period

Dumb Jon demonstrates  the intellectual elite has no skin in the game nor much of anything in the brain, but how well does our remote ruling class perform in the field?

Tragically, ‘the elite’ goes pretty far down the food chain.

Take Rotherham, for example, where upwards of 1,400 girls were raped and indeed whored across the Pennines by Muslim rape gangs and their white collaborators for 16 years that operated with impunity under the watchful (and protective) eyes of the police. See also.

Those girls should have had the full force of the therapeutic state to protect them.
Leaving aside the foster home and care homes who let the girls go out to the cars of their rapists, night after night, without reporting it or following any reports they might have made to police, schools or social services, as well as the police who on occasion let the rape gangsters go while referring their drink-plied victims to alcohol abuse authorities – and how useless a copper do you have to be to let obvious child molesters walk away unscathed? - let’s look at the professionals who were most likely to see most of the children in a variety of activities and contexts day after day week after week, and not merely hiding terrified in their bedrooms and thus perhaps difficult to diagnose: our splendid educators.

Teachers are supposed to be trained in the spotting and confirmation of child abuse and should have noticed something more than the usual teenage stroppiness or underclass dysfunction, for example. Child abuse is pretty much a national obsession and with numerous training courses available to local government and awareness campaigns run even at Town Hall level, you’d think that the hundreds of class, year and specialist teachers who would have met and taught these girls some at least should have noticed something hinky, no?
If any did, I’ve yet to read their names. But if a 100% failure rate to detect child abuse beggars belief, can we assume that some teachers did notice the mood swings, violent anger, passivity and depression that child abuse manifests as in the young? If some weren’t so gormless as to not notice, to whom did they report their suspicions? Did some perhaps decide not to report the answers to any questions they may have asked those girls … when they learned the names of the perpetrators Arshid Hussain, Basharat Hussain, Bannaras Hussain, Qurban Ali?

Oh and did chav class whore-mongers Karen MacGregor and Shelley Davis get a pass by association with the vibrantly diverse or did nice Miss Simpkins at the Social Services just have too much paperwork to notice: let alone rock the boat?
Oh, and is it too late to blame the dreaded Thatcher tick-box culture here in 2016? 
Probably not.
A mate of mine found the time and energy to put bureaucracy down as a big reason why the social workers didn't get around to reporting and kicking up the appropriate stink until the scandal was well and truly public.
See how that works? Thatcher leaves office in 1990 and the entire social services apparatus of South Yorkshire is paralysed from 1997 and 2013 as 1,400 living, breathing, crying, hung-over, pregnant, STD-infected, truanting and self-harming girls just slip through the cracks because Saffron Oldthwaite of Child Protection is filling in another batch of PJ/144-Bs. Could happen to anyone.

Back to the teachers. Can a handful at least have realised what was going on? If so, to whom did they report or make further investigations? Send it up the line to year or welfare specialists? The headmistress – oops, head teacher – herself?
Were they told to shut up – and obeyed orders? If so, there’s two sackings right there we can probably all agree on, but does anyone know how much (if any) effort has been taken to examine the teachers’ conduct and ‘leadership’ over the decade and a half of rape victims? Has anything at all been done to allow teachers to report the misdemeanours of Muslims?

Where is our wise and financially well off high-up leadership caste now: drilling down to find and fix the rot (at the least in training) in our front line troops of child abuse detection?

For all the mental/moral dysfunction of British military leadership over the past couple of centuries, and despite the institutional bias against initiative and innovative problem-solving and the use of intelligence when intelligence reports threaten the Great Plan, Britain did eventually win the Crimean, Boer, First and Second World Wars and put down the Mutiny: possibly because of the sterling qualities and good sense of the lower ranks, no matter how nutso some of our generals were.

But what chance is there that Britain can win (or would even fight) a war against mass rape when even the privates and corporals are away with the fairies?

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