Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Nanostradivarius Award winner 2014

Bigots gave me everything I ever wanted: thus proving that the racist/sexist holocaust is real.

Carol Howard… says she was "singled out" and used to prove the force was no longer racist
A black firearms officer who is suing the Metropolitan Police for racial and sexual discrimination claims she was a "token" used by the force to try to prove it was diverse.,,, said she was put forward for an interview in the wake of the shooting of Mark Duggan, at a time when her unit had a "bad reputation"….she was also tasked with driving Baroness Lawrence, the mother of murdered Stephen Lawrence, in what she saw as an attempt by the Met to prove it was no longer racist.
Yes, fellow Klansmen, it’s time to use those old sheets and pillowcases for something other than midnight rood-oxidation parties in the ‘Hood, because nothing says White Supremacy and patriarchal phallocentric elitism quite as well as arming and armouring a young female black officer and putting her onto London’s streets, tooled-up and good to go. It’s the Nazi dream come true.
And then they humiliated her publicly by making some kind of role-model or poster-girl of her. Unconscionable.
"I felt I had been singled out and chosen as a black female officer to represent diversity and to change the public image of white police shooting a black youth."
She added: "I felt that once again I was being used as a token by the organisation."
So if representing diversity means being visibly from a minority (or two) and that also means tokenism we may all have to introduce the burqa as standard uniform to the Met to make sure no-one can parade blackness/femaleness to make any kind of political statement. Ever.
She said: "I felt I was called upon to demonstrate to Mrs Lawrence that the organisation had come a long way as here I stood as a successful black female officer."
It would have been better to have the new baroness guarded by a couple of tall blond white guys, because that’s the best way to prove that diversity works. Plus, it’s not that this is in any way the special pleading of a rent-seeking race-hustler leveraging her elite firearms squad position for fame and fortune: her theory is actually proven by The Science.
In her statement she said: "Precious time spent with my children has been affected and compromised. Time, which I will never get back.
My children have been impacted by this case.
Can’t argue with that: her opinion alone is proof as convincing as a well-documented series of experiments under controlled conditions using careful observations, meticulous record-keeping and thoroughly-worded arguments; each one qualified and foot-noted to a T. But like all good science it’s peer-reviewed by other, equally-well qualified and eminent scientists and philosophers who have tested her claims under laboratory conditions. Such as a six-year old child.
My six year old daughter only last week asked me if I was going to leave the police service, I asked her why she was asking and her reply 'my school friend told me they treat you bad mommy. Her mom said so.' I have had to reassure my children that I will be fine."
The Science is settled!
To be fair, an accusation of tokenism would have to be supported with evidence that in some way PC Howard wasn’t up to the job; perhaps by being a poor shot, or by freezing under fire or being ineffective under pressure, or by being unable or unwilling to take criticism and correction in the tough, high-pressure professional world of firearms specialists…  
PC Gary Flaherty who said told he had seen her "visibly upset and in tears" after one incident involving Sergeant Kelly, when he had stood holding his gun and a Taser stun gun while dressing her down in front of senior officers.
So what can we on the Right take away from this? Only one little thing, which is that whenever some Prog prat risks jeopardizing police efficiency and public safety by putting diversity first  and by changing the law in exchange for the support, gratitude and professionalism of minorities, we can tell him it possibly might not work.

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we can tell him it possibly might not work

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