Sunday, 9 February 2014

Judgment Day arrives in 30 minutes

... or less.

It seems Skynet isn’t prepared to wait for NORAD and the Iranians, Russians, Saudis, Chinese, Norks or Pakistan to destroy most of humanity in a global nuclear exchange.

Instead, Skynet’s Extinction As Technological Unemployment Programme (E.A.T.U.P.) is intended to extinguish the human race by rendering it superfluous one formerly useful occupation at a time.

It’s starting right here with the class of unmated and unmarriageable sociology, peace studies and environmental science graduates. 

Perhaps they might survive a decade or two longer if they subsist off the flesh of former Blockbusters and HMV employees but I doubt they’ll make it till the day when John Connor arrives to reopen the mills, to frack and drill horizontally for gas, de-mothball the mines and rebuild the munitions factories we seem to have lost somewhere along the way…

Talk about the Domino Theory…

Hat tip, ultimately from here., but also via here.

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James Higham said...

The only way is down.


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